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20 Nov, 2023
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Alight Motion Pro APK Mod is a one-of-a-kind application that allows you to create stunning visual graphics and immersive animations on your phone. The app comes with many different features to make the graphic more appealing, interesting, and interactive. 

One of the features that make Alight Motion Pro APK Mod different is its Key Frame feature. This feature lets you edit motion graphics frame by frame, enabling high-level professional customization. 

You can change the size and shape of motion graphics of the objects in the frame, including making changes in colors, adding elements, and more. 

If you’re looking for a high-end video editing app for your Android Smartphone, rest assured Alight Motion Pro APK Mod won’t disappoint you. 

The mod version of the application comes with many premium features unlocked, ensuring you’re able to edit and create videos in a non-restricted environment. 

Let us discuss some of the features of Alight Motion Pro APK Mod.

Alight Motion Pro Apk Mod

Features – Alight Motion Pro APK Mod

Key Frame Animation

As mentioned earlier, Keyframe animation is among the top features of Alight Motion Pro Mod APK because it allows you to edit videos frame by frame. 

Moreover, it provides you the flexibility of adding custom elements to each of these frames, making your animation more immersive, entertaining, and vibrant. 

The best part is you don’t have to import elements from external sources, as the app offers tons of elements you can use. The position of the objects in the graphics you create can also be changed and customized. 

All these features give you total control over how you edit and create an animation video on Alight Motion Pro APK Mod. 

Alight Motion Apk iOS

Visual Effects

One other key feature offered by AM Pro Mod APK is its ability to add visual effects to your motion graphics video. 

You can choose from thousands of cool visual effects like the color tune, hot color, clouds, exposer, and more, from the app’s inventory of visual effects. 

It’s a well-known fact that adding visual effects to animation videos takes it to the next level. 

The color of the motion graphics video can also be changed, modified, and edited to give it a completely new look. 

Blending Modes

Blending modes is another popular feature of Alight Motion Pro APK Mod that allows you to blend modes. It allows you to create multiple-layered videos, adjusting the sizes and shapes of your videos creatively. 

The Blending Modes feature gives your motion graphic videos more depth, creating high-level videos that look professional, intriguing, and advanced. 

The opacity of every layer you add to the videos in Alight Motion Pro APK Mod can also be changed as per your requirements. 

The best part is if you want, you can use tons of presets already available in the app. It helps you automate the process of creating and editing videos on Alight Motion Pro APK Mod to a great extent. 

Alight Motion Mod Apk iOS

Vector Graphics

One of the important aspects of creating and editing motion graphic videos is adding vector graphics. 

You can add and edit vector graphics to your videos in alight Motion Pro APK Mod, making your animation more interactive and descriptive. 

The vector graphics available in Alight Motion Pro Mod APK are in 2D and 3D. 

You can use these vector images as you want anywhere within your videos, helping you make animation videos that are more fun, descriptive, and illustrative. 


If you’re looking to add text to your videos, you’ll be more than surprised to find over 2,000 fonts in Alight Motion Pro APK Mod. 

Choose from a large variety of cool, professional, and formal fonts to add to the motion graphics videos you edit on AM Pro APK Mod. 

While there are numerous in-built fonts you can choose on this app, it’s also possible to add and use your custom fonts in Alight Motion Pro APK Mod. 

The kind of flexibility this app offers is what has made it the number one motion graphics and animation editing app for Android users. 

Alight Motion Apk Mod iOS

Export Formats

Another important feature of Alight Motion Premium APK Mod is that it allows you to export videos in various formats. 

Some of the formats you can export your animation videos in are GIF, JPEG, PNG, MP4, XML, and more. Also, there’s an option of directly sharing your animation videos on various social media platforms or with other members through messaging. 

If you’re looking for a motion graphic video editor that offers you flexibility and versatility without compromising on any features, Alight Motion Pro APK Mod stands out from the rest. 

In the mod version of this app, you also get to unlock premium features for free without paying any real money. 

If you love making and editing cool videos on your Android device, Alight Motion Pro APK Mod is the all-in-one video editing app that will certainly meet and exceed your expectations. 


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