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Block This is not only free but also an open source ad blocker concerned with Android that access its work in all sorts of apps and browsers. It provides Malware Protection facility which is an additional benefit. Not only that, it deserves special mention in increasing the browsing speed and also reducing the traffic associated with mobile data.

Enjoy using Block This on Android and IOS devices. You can download the app for free from our website.

But, in recent times Google has removed the app Block This 3.0 from the Play Store. Therefore, in order to use this app you have to download and install it. Again, suppose you are a developer, you will serve important means in discovering the codebase on ‘GitHub.’

Block This App Informations:


App nameBlock This
PlatformAndroid, IOS
RequirementsAndroid 4.1+

If, you find the app difficult to install then there is an option button (beside the Download button) on the website concerning the app which will help you to install it.

Block This 3.0 is now free!

  • There are no ads concerning banners. Also, it is free from audio as well as video ads.
  • It deserves special means in blocking Tracking Cookies
  • Enables Antivirus Protection in blocking downloads concerned with virus and malwares
  • Enables faster Browsing with fewer Data consumption
  • Block This 2.0 is characterized by Battery longevity.
  • The app is provided with Auto start facility(Automatically start up on boot)

So, you can see that the app Block This is a cool one!


Block This App Features:

Now, it will be better to observe the features of Block This app because it has astounding features that benefits the user.

  • The app (Block This) serves important function in blocking all advertisements concerned with in-app as well as browser. This includes audio and video ads, banners, popup ads and Tracking Cookies.
  • It is much concerned about the user’s security. So, it provides you with its Antivirus feature facility. The app provides you with a large list of common malware distributors to keep you secure and protected from different sorts of viruses.
  • According to its estimation held on an average, if you block all sorts of ads on your Android phone, you will deserve special significance in saving up to 35% of your Data plan.
  • The app serves important function by bypassing your Internet Provider Censorship and accessing parts of the web (those which were previously inaccessible on your part).

How is this specific Ad Blocker different?

Ads, malwares, viruses, tracking cookies, key loggers, phishing, porn and spam occupy more than eighty percent of the content associated with the internet. Nowadays loading of WebPagesis becoming much slower than it was five years ago.

Download Block This IOS

Download Block This IOS

The Developer of this App

Good contents on the web are getting buried for the purpose of making reduction in one’s money by selling of personal data, hacking of credit cards and cause of harassment due to ads present everywhere. Naturally, to put an end to this crisis the development of an app like Block This was necessary.

The main credit of the development of Block This goes to none other than Sava Georgiev.He is a renowned developer and a proficient security researcher who resides in Munich, Germany. He decided to get rid of all sorts of junks present on the internet and started developing the app in 2015 from the month of June so that people can freely use internet at least on their mobile phones.

His goal was an ambitious one. He had to get out of the box concerned with traditional blockers of ads relating to Android andprecede one step ahead. So, he catch hold the idea of incorporating an old approach (almost forgotten) for blocking requests on internet. This was none but blocking by Domain Name Server, the abbreviation of which is DNS.

The initial tests which he performed after setting up anexceedingly scalable DNS Server, were perfect. The blacklist worked accordingly. Compared to the standard Android ad blockers (who use host files) the consumption of battery was much lower.

What grasped his attention and left him surprised, was the huge reduction concerned with Data Traffic. Again, another thing, which is the worth of mention, is that browsing speed associated with numerous websites improved (100%) to a great extent.

Workflow initiated by Block This DNS

Workflow introduced by Block This DNS is an incredible one! Suppose, you start navigating to a specific website with your Android phone, you have to put (enter) the name of the said website for browsing it.

The browser asks for a DNS request concerned with the IP address of that website related machine. The request concerning the DNS is received by a Block This Domain Name Server. Then, this Block This (DNS) Server search for the settings concerned with matching, filtering and security. If the said website is not available in the Blacklist, Block This DNS returns the IP Address.

Again, if it is in the Blacklist, the above DNS Server loop-back the IP address. Your browser, on receiving the IP address, makes a good attempt on rendering the page (webpage) on your screen. If the address received is, the browser stops showing empty screen. If it is not the same address, the browser continues rendering function on a normal basis.

While the rendering is on, the browser makes more requests concerning DNS to Block This DNS with a view of loading images, ads, videos and various other resources on the webpage. The additional requests are accepted by a server (Block This DNS) and depending on the fact that whether these are included in the blacklist or not, rendering process starts.

If each and every request are present in the blacklist concerned with Block This DNS Server, your webpage will not only be nicely created but will also be a secured one. It will be devoid of virus and ads.


How to download Block This Apk for Android

  • Click on the button below to start downloading Block This Apk.

    Download Block This APK

  • Click on the OK and the download process will begin immediately.
  • After the download is completed, the installation page shall open up.
  • Press Install and follow the instructions.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The only problem associated with the above approach is that, regarding Android, there are certain strict rules that should be followed. The rules are regarding how DNS can be altered. Normally, if the DNS demands change, the need of direct access of Root arises. Your Android phone will need to be Rooted. In order to solve this issue, Block This for Android (only) creates Virtual Private Network or VPN.


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