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22 Dec 2022
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Nowadays, we all are pretty much acquainted with modded applications. These are those forms of applications that give you complete access to everything that you couldn’t have unlocked while using its original version.

Also, due to several rules, regulations, and restrictions on well-known apps, it sometimes becomes very difficult to access the whole features of the app.

Therefore, in order to remove these kinds of restrictions, developers like Osama Ghareeb came up with the idea of OGYouTube. Since this application is a modded version, it is not available in the Google Play Store. B

ut, users can download OGYoutube Apk for Android and iOS from our website in order to reap the benefits of this amazing application.

OGYouTube APK File Information:

App nameOGYouTube Apk
DeveloperOsama Ghareeb
PlatformAndroid, IOS
OGYouTube download apk

What exactly does OGYouTube do?

We are all aware of the recent launches of YouTube i.e YouTubeGo and YouTube TV. This has created a lot of buzz and excitement among the people. Also, the application does allow its users to download the videos but does not allow any kind of background playback which is pretty frustrating.

Also, one would require a premium YouTube Red subscription for this. The subscription can be availed at $10 a month. So, if you are wondering about how to enjoy these features by not paying a penny, then you have got the solution for you.

An application named OGYouTube has been developed by a developer named Osama Ghareeb. He has curated this sleek application which can be sideloaded without any kind of root access. Not only this, but the application also ensures to offer several abilities like the ability to play music in the background as well as directly download videos.

OGYouTube has got an interface that is very similar to the official application. This, in turn, assures that users do not miss out on any kind of existing functionality like those of Chromecast support. Videos can be downloaded on your Android device directly in MP3 format and in any of the given resolutions.

The only difference between this application and the YouTube application is that the OGYouTube apk comes with an inbuilt download button below every video. Upon pressing the video, one gets the opportunity to choose between variants of resolution and also the format.

Users are usually recommended not to log into OGYouTube apk as this will prevent them from downloading the videos. It is also one of the best YouTube download clients that one could ever find on the Internet.

It is compatible with every Android device and comes with the best pair of interfaces and usability. Also by using the application, users get the opportunity to add two more features to their YouTube experience.

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OGYouTube apk

What are the features of OGYouTube?

As already stated, the features of the OGYouTube apk are quite user-friendly and come equipped with an amazing experience. Some of its features have been mentioned below:

  • Its user interface is extremely friendly: When the user interface of OGYouTube apk is questioned, all we can say is that it is extremely user-friendly. In fact, there is no big difference between OGYouTube and YouTube. Therefore, this makes it quite easy to use and convenient to get habituated to this application. The only small difference one can note is that this modded application comes with a download button below every video, which is pretty convenient to use.
  • You can download a video in any pixel: This is again one of its great features. OGYouTube apk allows its users to download the videos directly in any resolution in which they want to watch. Therefore, we can say that this feature of providing options to the users to watch the videos in any desired pixel size is highly appreciable.
  • You can rename the videos as per your choice: In this application, while downloading, users get the opportunity to rename the file names as per their will. This is not at all applicable in the original YouTube application.
  • You can play videos and music in the background as well: Apart from downloading, the OGYouTube apk helps its users to directly play the content in the background. This is quite helpful when you want to stream music and videos in the background while doing other work on the phone.

Therefore, these are some of the awesome features of the OGYouTube apk. In order to access them, people are recommended to download its apk file and install it on their device.

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OGYouTube android

How can one install the application OGYouTube?

This can be done by following the given steps:

  • Users are recommended to disable the official YouTube application: This is an important step to perform as OGYouTube does not work properly with the YouTube app. Therefore, users are recommended to shut down the original YouTube application. For this, users have to visit their phone’s settings menu. In the menu, tap on the Apps link. Then, scroll down the screen until one finds the option Youtube. In that, tap on the disabled icon and this will confirm your choice of shutting down YouTube.
  • Install microG: Users are recommended to install the modded version of the Google Services framework. This is known as micro. After following the link of MicroG APK, tap on the install option once the application gets downloaded.
  • Now, you can install OGYouTube: After following the above-mentioned steps, one can go for installing OGYouTube. The process is simple. One has to again follow the link for it and tap on the download option. After it has been downloaded, you are required to press the Install button.
  • You now have infinite access: Once the OGYouTube application has been installed on your smartphones, you are all free to explore and download every video. The interface is almost similar to that of the original YouTube application, therefore, making it easy to explore more.

If you want to download videos for enjoying offline playback, you can do it by tapping on the download button. While doing it for the first time, you might be asked to grant some permissions. Tap on the “OK” button.

Also, enable the switch which is next to “Permit drawing over other apps” and then, press the back button. Again, you’ll be prompted to grant a list of additional permissions.

Tap on the Allow button on every pop-up screen that appears. And, now you are finally all set to download the videos and play them in the background.


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