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To manage data efficiently, Google LLC has started testing an extraordinary application named Triangle and is mainly based on data used in smartphones. Google’s Triangle Apk for Android and iOS app will benefit you to save mobile data.

This Android app is based in the Philippines and offers the below-mentioned services:

  • See the data balance
  • Look for the applications which use maximum data
  • Block particular applications to use mobile data

Triangle APK File Information:

App nameTriangle Apk
DeveloperGoogle Inc.
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Size5 MB

Triangle download apk

App features

The application opens with two tabs that indicate the amount of data used and the rewards. In the first tab, it shows a circular graph of much data is used and achieved as a reward. The light blue color line depicts the ‘DATA USED’ and the dark blue color denotes ‘EARNED REWARDS’.

Moreover, below the result, you will get an option to check your data balance, and at the extreme bottom, one will get a snippet of how many applications are being blocked by Data Saver. But over here, there is a button which a user can lock and unlock data saving option according to his/her choice.

Next, if a user clicks on ‘CHECK DATA BALANCE’, a page appears to show the detailed list of Mobile data and Triangle rewards. Below Mobile data, the expiry date and time of the availing data plan is shown, and the amount of data used till that moment is present. Likewise, for Triangle rewards its expiry time and date is also mentioned. Additional information like – “Balance from Triangle apk rewards already added to your mobile number” and “Triangle rewards can be used anywhere” is also stated.

Again below that, you will find ‘VIEW REWARDS HISTORY’ and ‘LEARN MORE’ clickable options. The former option will provide a list of data earned as rewards by a user, and the latter will present more detailed information about the data balance and acquired data. At the end of the page, an updated detail stating the date and time is provided.

The second tab is ‘Get rewards’. This page shows a user the possibilities of gathering rewards by using specific apps that he/she has installed. Firstly, an earned data amount is visible along with the applications which are responsible for fetching the extra data. Then an offer pops up, which enlightens an individual to make use of an app to earn more mobile data. Furthermore, detailed information about how much data must be used by an app to benefit you with additional data rewards is also present.

For example “Use up to 10MB to earn up to 10MB rewards per day, for the next 7 days. You’ve earned 5.3MB rewards today, and have 4.7MB rewards left.” With these briefing users are given options like ‘VIEW DETAILS’ and ‘OPEN APP’ so that they can have more insight into the offer and can directly move on to the app from Triangle apk.

Under this, there are present more offers from installed apps which you can choose to obtain more rewards like “OLX: Use to earn up to 15MB today”, “Pinterest: Use to earn up to 5MB today”, etc.

Triangle apk

However, Triangle apk also presents a reward for installing new applications on your Android device. By downloading a new app, an individual may receive data reward equal to the size of that app, which is indeed very advantageous. Apart from this, the traditional reward system is also present, available up to a limit.

Now if you open an app. Let’s consider ‘Waze’. The first thing that shows is a notification from Triangle apk which will ask you whether you want to “Allow data for Waze”. By default, the data saver has blocked the usage of mobile data.

Then a dropdown list of data allowance is shown to a user where he/she can select a specific interval for data usage. For example “ALLOW 10 MIN”, “ALLOW 60 MIN”, “ALLOW ALWAYS”. You can choose among these durations to restrict and even block the unwanted usage for a particular mobile application.


In the Philippines, Google has distributed rewards from various applications and 100GB data for Globe and Smart users who use prepaid recharging.

Features of Triangle only available for Smart and Globe users:

  • Individuals can check the prepaid data balance.
  • One can download and install new applications without having to worry about losing data.
  • Users can gain additional data by using apps that are already present in the device.

The complimentary 100GB data is given as a welcome gift for users who finishes the registration process. Triangle apk is considered a hugely approved data-saving application among users who requires a constant internet connection. It has also helped people who generally surf the web with their mobile devices.

As a result, a significant amount of data is lost, and the users are unaware of it. So the primary advantage this application provides is to monitor the data usage constantly. Apart from only gifting rewards, this platform is also very user-friendly.

Triangle android

In a nutshell, Triangle has been able to:

  • Keep track of data usage over time.
  • Look for smart tags for new and high-usage applications.
  • Seek high-quality public Wi-Fi connections.

This data saving tool gives you a piece of information about which applications in your device is using more data and allows you to block them, which requires a VPN. However, it is possible on many mobile phones by fixing the data usage settings. Still, Triangle makes it effortless, and one can also set a timeframe for the apps before their usage goes back to zero.

Google in the year 2018 has officially released Triangle apk and named its data. With the same approach, this app assists users in micromanaging mobile data usage. It also suggests how to lessen the usage of mobile data daily and tracks close Wi-Fi connections.


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