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It is a multimedia and video downloader app from Devian Studio which primarily allows consumers to download videos from youtube. Apart from youtube, videos from other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. can also be downloaded via Tubemate.

TubeMate Apk for Android and iOS is a simple solution to all your downloading errors. Download it from our website for free.

This app can also be used to access multimedia files on a user’s phone. In this era of social media, videos have become one of the most popular visual media among consumers. Various kinds of videos like videos related to academics, news, and even videos for entertainment purposes like movies, video songs, and serials have gained immense popularity among the mass.

There are various channels on youtube which provide educational content to students preparing for competitive exams. They can stream videos online, but there may be times when they won’t have access to the internet connection. At that time, video downloader apps prove to be essential for them.

TubeMate APK File Information:

Tubemate android

App nameTubeMate Apk
PlatformAndroid, IOS
VersionVaries with device

Consumers also download movies and TV shows through video downloading apps, wherein Tubemate apk proves to be the best. There are certain apps that shows some error while downloading videos. But this app provides users with a smooth experience every time.

There are several websites and apps which require the URL of the targeted videos to be copied and pasted on their sites in order to download the video offline. But this app has no such limitations. Consumers can directly search the intended video on the app itself and download the video for offline use.

Some salient features of Tubemate are as follows:

  • It is not only an app that allows offline downloads but also consumers can use it any search engine like google chrome or Mozilla Firefox to browse the internet.
  • Consumers can directly search a video and download it, or they can also copy-paste any URL on the address bar of the app to download it.
  • By swiping right, users can get a list of bookmarked websites that they can use anytime according to their convenience.
  • There is also another tab in the app, which saves all the search history of the users. They can delete it anytime by clicking the bottom icon is required.
  • It automatically detects any video which is there on the website that the user is surfing.
  • The app prompts the user to select the resolution in which he/she wants to download the video offline. As soon as the resolution is selected, the video starts downloading.

There are several tabs in the app which allow users to view their downloads, playlists, music and video files stored in their phone’s storage. Having the controls option above the media player option makes it a bit difficult to properly view the downloaded files stored in the phone’s storage. But still, Tubemate’s multimedia player is a lot better than other apps or websites available to consumers.

Pros of using Tubemate:

  • It allows consumers to download videos of any size, resolution, or format.
  • It allows users to download videos with resolutions as high as 1920*1080 pixels.
  • This app can bypass all the restrictions placed on a video to make the video unable to consumers offline.
  • The user can come across a massive variety of videos to choose from for downloading.
  • A superfast mode available on the app allows the videos to download at an impressively fast speed.

Cons of using Tubemate:

  • The app is unavailable in the play store as google has marked it as illegal.
  • It is only available on the official site of Tubemate apk and consumers have to download an apk of the app as a file, then install it manually.
  • Users have to go to settings in their phones and allow apps from untrusted sources to install the app successfully.
  • It cannot be used for any commercial purpose. It is strictly for personal use.

There are various benefits of this app. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that any app which is not available on the google play store can be harmful to the user. Downloading copyrighted videos from youtube is illegal.

tubemate download

There is a reason why youtube itself did not make offline downloading available for phones or desktops. There is an option below the video to save it offline. But that only works in the youtube app itself.

Users can view their offline videos without internet connection only in the youtube app and not in their gallery. But there are millions of users all over the globe who use Tubemate apk and do not have any problems as such.

There are similar apps available to the user for download. Most of them have to be downloaded through a web browser, and they are unavailable on the google play store. Most consumers say that it is not at all harmful and does not contain any virus or malware. Even when a user searches this on the internet whether this app is toxic or not, they do not get a negative answer.

The main reason for which the app is unavailable to download on the play store is that downloading youtube videos is against the privacy policy of Google. This is the reason why this app is unavailable on the play store as it violates the privacy policy of Google.

There are certain applications from untrusted sources that contain malicious codes within them which can be a threat to the user resulting in compromising the user’s security.

Tubemate apk

There are mixed reviews of Tubemate apk. Some say that it is beneficial for them while some uninstall it thinking it will compromise their security. Though, overall consumers have faced no such problems using it. Tubemate apk has proved to be an extremely useful app for them due to various reasons.

There are various alternatives to Tubemate apk. But most consumers stick to this app because other than being able to download tons of videos; users can even use it as a search engine.

They do not have to go through several apps in order to download a single video. Being able to view other multimedia files is another great side of this app for consumers. Overall, Tubemate apk is the ultimate solution for all their video downloading errors.


Is TubeMate a safe app?

Well, the short answer is yes. TubeMate is a safe and secure way to download videos from sites like YouTube. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it’s been around for several years.

In terms of safety, TubeMate is definitely a good choice. The app is developed by a reputable company, and it’s been downloaded millions of times. Additionally, the app is regularly updated and always compliant with the latest security standards.

So, if you’re looking for a safe and secure way to download videos from YouTube, then TubeMate is definitely a good option.

Can TubeMate download MP3?

Yes, TubeMate can download MP3 files. In fact, it is one of the most popular ways to download MP3 files from various websites. All you need to do is install the TubeMate app on your device and then search for the desired MP3 file. Once you find it, simply click on the download button and the file will be downloaded to your device.

Is TubeMate banned in India?

TubeMate is one of the most popular video downloaders available for Android. It allows users to download videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. However, it appears that the app may be banned in India.

A report from the Indian news site The Hindu claims that TubeMate has been “banned” by the country’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT). The report cites an unnamed “source in the know” who says that the DoT has issued a directive to all internet service providers (ISPs) in India to block access to the app.

Interestingly, the report also claims that the ban was implemented at the request of the Indian government’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The CBI is reportedly investigating whether TubeMate violates the Copyright Act.

However, it’s worth noting that the DoT has not officially confirmed the ban on TubeMate. And, at the time of writing, the app is still available to download in India from our website for free.


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