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Today, WhatsApp is the most common and popular app used in messaging individuals on a person’s contact list instantly. For both iPhones and Android devices, WhatsApp has taken over the world of instant messaging. As evidenced by over a billion downloads of the WhatsApp app worldwide.

You can use WhatsApp for sharing images, audio, and messages with friends, families, colleagues, and even superiors at work. With the recent versions of this app, users can make voice calls, video calls, share locations, transfer money to their loved ones. You can also update your status which can be visible to the contacts.



Any user of this app who wants to migrate from being an iPhone user to use an Android device will have serious work to do. This is because the migrant cannot leave WhatsApp messages behind as some messages contain quite important information especially for those that use WhatsApp for business purposes.

However, the problem comes in with the absence of an inbuilt feature of WhatsApp. On either iPhone or Android, users can’t enable the direct transfer of messages from an iPhone to an Android device. This why you need a third-party app like WazzapMigrator for the secure transmission of Whatsapp data.


This tool is capable of transferring not only WhatsApp messages. It can also transfer WhatsApp media (pictures, videos, voice notes, GPS positions, and contacts) from iPhone to Android. Unlike some other third-party apps like “dr. fone” for iOS, with WazzapMigrator, a user does not need to have the iPhone to make the transfer. All that you need to have is an Android device and an iPhone WhatsApp backup. Moreover, this is a unique feature of the WazzapMigrator because even those that have sold or misplaced the iPhone can still get their WhatsApp messages and attachments back.

The application runs offline, which is you don’t need to worry about data insecurity. You can transfer the data with the assurance that your data will remain private.


Transfer steps

To transfer messages from an iPhone backup through this app, there is a need for the extraction of an iPhone WhatsApp backup via any popular iTunes Backup Extractors. Once this is available, all that is needed is for these simple steps to be followed to transfer data efficiently.

  • Take the backup of your iPhone using iTunes or any third-party applications available on the internet.
  • Find the folder with the name of Whatsapp using any backup viewer and locate the ChatStorage.SQLite. From the Whatsapp library, locate the net.WhatsApp.Whatsapp from the Media folder. Copy both of these to your android library.
  • Download the WazzapMigrator App from Google Play Store and launch it.
  • The messages that need to be transferred must be selected on the iPhone archive on which it is contained. This can be done only by going to the File Manager of the Android device, searching through for the iPhone Archive and once this is found, clicking on the messages is the next step.
  • Under this process, the user will need to go through the “Checklist process” until “Converting Messages” is gotten to.
  • Once the conversion process is completed, the user can then decide whether to have the converted messages moved to the Android device WhatsApp folder.
  • Now you can download Whatsapp from the Play Store and install it. It will automatically detect the backup at the startup, and you will have all the messages and media, after completing the process successfully.


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