Ark Survival Evolved Mobile: The Survival of the Fittest

Art Survival Evolved is a game developed by Studio Wildcard. It’s a survival game where places are isolated on a tropical island that is controlled by dinosaurs. The player has to survive by looking for resources, hunting, and building shelter. You need to plant seeds and will be using the excrement from the dinosaurs to fertilize the farm.

Also, a player can haunt dinosaurs with improvised weapons and use them for meat. The leveling up of the game is done in an RPG format, where points are earned to improve stats and also advance to unlock weapons or items.

Players can tame the dinosaurs to ride upon them and run across the landscape within a short time.


  • Wildlife Control- There are more than 25 different dinosaurs that you can ride or even befriend while playing the game.
  • Shelter building – The game has a lot of tools you can pick to help you build shelters or homes.
  • Local PvP- A player can team up with other players to raid bases or even start a community for glory and resources.
  • The Wilderness- The ground is enough to explore and do many things like exploring caves and underwater.
  • Weather System- A player can survive the harsh weather which includes monsoon rainstorms, frigid cold, and scorching sun in the game.


Ark Survival Evolved Mobile is a great game you cannot stop playing. The giant dinosaurs are around, and it is only you who can serve the world in Ark Survival Evolved Mobile game. You are surviving on a tropical island where dinosaurs roam the earth. Your work is to build, hunt and gather to survive the wilderness. Are you ready to compete for resources and also have an opportunity of taming dinosaurs?

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