Best SNES Emulator Android Available in 2020

SNES or Super Nintendo Entertainment System had some of the coolest games that gamers still talk about. Unfortunately, the present-day Android devices do not support those favorite SNES games anymore. This makes many people miss their childhood days but not anymore as SNES emulator android has turned the tables.

Now, one can enjoy their favorite SNES games on Android devices with the help of these emulators. This article brings to you some of the best SNES emulators currently available for Android devices.



John NESS, also known as John SNES, offers the most realistic experience of playing SNES games. This emulator uses an engine that is quite similar to the ones used by most gaming consoles and thus the experience enhances. It works with a variety of controllers like Bluetooth, Wireless, and on-screen controls. Gamers can play many games on this emulator in different modes which will give a unique experience.

SuperRetro 16


This is a paid SNES emulator but its features make it a worthy purchase. It is loaded with a large number of options for screen enhancement and is very stable on an Android device. SuperRetro 16 SNES emulator android is compatible with many games and also offers advanced options like multiplayer mode, fast forward mode, etc.



RetroArch comes with some of the best features that any SNES game enthusiast would love to bank upon. This emulator is designed in such a way that it can run various games from different gaming platforms. It is available for free and a player can use it for extracting the most from a gaming emulator. RetroArch is an open-source emulator that is free from bugs and can work smoothly on Android phones and tablets.



NES.emu is a perfect SNES emulator for android for those who are searching for an emulator that will allow playing a game in landscape mode. It has got a great user interface that is easy to understand and has got many options. Players can use cheat modes on this emulator and run any game of their choice. There are some basic specifications that a smartphone should have for using this emulator which prevents old phones from running it.




EmuBox comes with a free version along with a paid one and is used by thousands of gamers worldwide. It is loaded with useful features and can save and load a large number of games. There is a fast-forward mode in this emulator accompanied by a smooth user interface.


ePSXeSNES emulator android is designed with touchscreen support that works virtually and also works with analog sticks. It offers high-definition graphics support that gives a divine experience of playing games on any Android device. There are also two OpenGL renderers loaded into this SNES emulator.

Enjoying old SNES games on Android phones is a dream of many and these emulators can fulfill these dreams amazingly. If you want to enjoy your favorite games all over again then install any of these emulators on your smartphone. We are offering more cool apps reviews.

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