Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Android/iOS Overview

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a yet-to-be-released game that is inspired by the Harry Potter franchise and the wizarding world of J.K Rowling’s. This game was co-developed by Portkey games (Warner Bros Subsidiary) and Niantic and to be public by Niantic. It is based on the Harry Potter series, and it is free-to-play. Its release will be in 2018 on Android/iOS platforms. Its genres are Role-playing, location-based games, and Augmented reality.

Overview of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Players will have to cast spells to visit several world locations. Will find mysterious and strange artifacts, facing legendary beasts and iconic characters. Niantic explained that Wizards Unite would be developed based on inspiration drawn from the AR games previously developed (Ingress and Pokémon Go). Also, Niantic promised that it will involve all the mechanics in the gameplay and will pioneer the new technology.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Android

It will be part of a larger pool of release

This project will not be carried out by Niantic alone; it will also involve Warner Bros, who has already made it public that its developing Portkey games (A new publishing label) which will also be used in the game. Wizards Unite is going to be one of the several games about Harry Potter that Portkey games will release in years to come. A blog post written about Pottermore revealed that a collection of mobile and console games would be set and developed in the world of Wizards. And the first of all will be the Wizards Unite.

We have no idea if these games will come out with their unique titles. Or if they will come in an associative form to build some console and mobile crossover ecosystem, whereby players will have the ability to live the life of a wizard over multiple games and platforms.

Battle Creatures, Cast Spells, and discover artifacts

We’ve had a few hints of what this game will look like. But there’s no idea as to how this will be implemented. The development team from both sides has confirmed that there will be a case of locating and battling magical creatures, coupled with meeting Harry Potter Universe characters in the game.

Players of this game will also be opportune to learn spells and cast them, joining forces with others to find strange and mysterious artifacts, eliminate powerful enemies and develop a wizarding career.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Mobile

What can we expect from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Potential players expect a lot from the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game. Some of the anticipated features are:

Collecting ingredients for a potion in the real world to produce app potions

Wandering around parks, woodland trails, and close to ponds will create an excellent opportunity to gather ingredients for the potion.

Make use of a phone, just like a wand

A Wiimote type of accident is expected to occur, but the option to move phones in specific patterns, to cast spells will be appreciated.

Quizzes inspired by Pottermore

Pokemon Go had the blue, red, and yellow teams, so it is quite realistic that Harry Potter AR utilized the Hogwarts houses. Here, you are open to a Pottermore-style quiz. It might also be a great approach to let players connect their Pottermore and Wizard Unite accounts.


A Duel system is also expected in the Wizards Unite. Dueling clubs will be a unique way of emulating the gym system presently used in Pokemon Go. We’re not entirely confident of how this will be materialized, but it could be achieved by creating designated areas whereby users can partake in duels locally, utilizing learned spells.

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