How do you find hidden outfits on IMVU?

IMVU is a social game where you create your own avatar for 3D chat and virtual world experiences.

To find the hidden outfits in IMVU go to “Shop > My Closet” on the website. If you don’t already have it, click “My IMVU.” Scroll down and under “Clothing,” click on “Dress Up.” Then, type in any of these into the search bar: (example: chocolate dress)

How do you hide items on IMVU mobile?

To hide items on mobile, do the following:

  1. Go to IMVU and click Menu.
  2. Next click My Stuff.
  3. Then go down to Inventory, and tap it! It will tell you if your inventory is private or not. (If it’s private then u have to share it with friends) If not, tap the pink button.
  4. Scroll down and tap the item that you want to sell or hide, then click Hide.
  5. Click on Private under Make this my current status. (This will only allow certain people to find it)
  6. It is important to remember that items are not deleted if they are sold/hidden in IMVU Mobile; they are still present in the app when trying to view previous purchases/items (My Stuff). However, if they were not previously downloaded by you, they may be removed from the system when attempting to view them in their original folders (Computer > Documents).

How do you see what rooms someone has on IMVU?

On IMVU you can see the rooms that someone has by going onto their profile, then clicking on ‘My Rooms’ or ‘Rooms’. You will then be shown a list of the different rooms that the person has. If you have been added as a friend to them, you can also select ‘View Profile’ from this menu to go to their profile. There you will see all of the different rooms that they have on the Traveller Map, as well as any rooms that are visible to everyone.

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What are some of the best ways to earn coins in IMVU?

The main way is to sell items on CONSIGN or at a Boutique. You will earn a percentage of what you sell. You can also use your friends to help you with this if they add the items too. Another way is to become a Creator and make your own rooms, products, or clothing. This is much more time-consuming but it’s definitely worth it when you get going because then not only will you be earning coins from what you sell in your rooms, but also from any products that other Creators want to place in them too.

The third way would be hiring people onto a team – there are several teams on IMVU where all of the members earn money from being part of them so do try and find one! The fourth option is to refer friends, who then have to spend coins for anything so you will get a percentage of this purchase.

The last option is to use this IMVU mod to get unlimited Credits.

What are some room designs? How do you make them?

A few examples of popular rooms on IMVU are ones that look like bedrooms, with couches and beds in them, living rooms where there are lots of different things like TVs and computers in there, or simply just an empty room where you can add items (this is especially popular with Creators). If you want to make your own room then follow the ‘How To’ section of IMVU for step-by-step instructions on how to design your own. There’s also no way you can’t find a room since you can use the Room and Object Directory to see what’s currently in there and if it’s possible for you to add anything in.

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