How Long Do You Keep Tinder Matches?

We live in a world where everything is found online, including soul mates! Yes, we are talking about online dating sites.

When it comes to dating websites, Tinder is one of the best platforms out there. It has helped many people find the perfect match for themselves.

Many of you want to know how long you can keep Tinder matches. We are here to answer all your questions about Tinder matches.

How long do Tinder matches stay?

When searching for the perfect match on dating sites, you need to be quick! Or else, you will end up losing your match. Generally, dating websites set a time limit, after you find a match. Top dating websites like Bumble, and JSwipe have time limits. Luckily, Tinder is different from these dating sites.

When you find a match on Tinder, it stays forever. It means it doesn’t expire. This gives you the option to either text instantly, or wait for some time before making a move. But sites like Bumble have a 24-hour time limit. So if you don’t make a move within the expiry time, you will lose your match. The same applies to JSwipe as they have an 18-day time limit.

Since Tinder doesn’t have a time limit, it makes it a more popular choice among users. But there’s one thing you should know is that the number of swipes on Tinder is limited. If you exceed the number, you will have to wait for 24 hours before you can swipe again.

Why do Tinder matches disappear?

Many users complain about their Tinder matches disappearing. Why does this happen when Tinder doesn’t have a time limit? You can find the answer in the pointers below.

  • It could have happened because of a Tinder bug. If there is a glitch in the app, it can cause such issues.
  • Your Tinder match will disappear if the person deletes his/her account. If they are no longer available on the platform, their profile will not show in your match list.
  • If your match gets banned by Tinder, you will no longer find the person on your match list. This may happen if your match is reported too many times. Another reason could be that the profile was not real, just bot advertising.

Tinder Mod is a great dating website for singles. If you find a match on Tinder make sure you make a move before someone else does.

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