How to Change Your Name on Clash Royale: Know the Steps In Detail

A common question of those who have already played Clash Royale is how they can change their name in the game again. As of now, there’s only one method by which people can change their names. We have discussed the procedure in detail below.

Is your name really bad?

Needless to say, like everyone else, you too must want to have a stylish, fancy name in the game. But, sometimes we end up mistyping the spelling. Other times, different reasons compel us to change our usernames. Sometimes people’s tastes change. They liked the name in the past, but they don’t want it to remain anymore. If you ever feel the same, worry not. You can change your account’s username easily by following a few easy steps. Without wasting any more time, read this guide given below to understand the process in detail.

Now, before we go over the steps, there is other information you ought to know. Remember that Clash Royale doesn’t allow gamers to change their names until they reach level 4. Once you reach that level, you can look forward to changing your account’s name.

Usually, the developer of this game doesn’t let users change the username twice. People usually get one chance to set their favorite name on their account. But, if you have to change your account’s name, the good news is that it’s possible. However, you must remember to contact the customer support of Clash Royale and tell them that you are changing it to an offensive name or your real name or you want to change it because you aren’t comfortable with it.

The customer support team is expected to reply to your request after a few days. They might also ask you a few questions to confirm the ownership of your game’s account.

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How to change Clash Royale’s name again?

Willing to know how to change your name on Clash Royale? Follow the steps mentioned below to change your account’s username in Clash Royale.

  • Launch the game on your device.
  • Now, go to the settings menu. Upon clicking on settings, players will get a new interface. Look for the change name option there.
  • Now, click on the change name option that’s the second option in the drop-down menu.
  • If you are changing the name for the first time, players will get a prompt, which says click okay. Click on that option.
  • Now, you would get a space. Type the name that you would like to keep.
  • Again, type of the name to confirm it. Always remember that both the names you have entered must match with one another. If there’s any discrepancy, you cannot continue further.
  • Next, click on continue. Only when both the names would match you can continue ahead.
  • The next step is to type CONFIRM in the space given below. This is the last step of verifying that the change of name has been done by a genuine person. Also, remember to type of word CONFIRM in capital letters. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be recognized.
  • Lastly, click on okay.

Things to keep in mind while changing your account’s name

Remember the following things when it comes to changing your account’s name on Clash Royale:

  • Changing names doesn’t come for free.
  • Every time you change, the cost becomes high. So choose a name wisely.
  • The game reserves the right to change or prevent the use of any unjust name or inappropriate name at its discretion.
  • The game doesn’t automatically change usernames upon request.

Is it at all important to have a good name on Clash Royale?

Oftentimes people wonder, whether or not it’s important to have a unique name in Clash Royale. No, there’s no such rule. It’s entirely one’s personal choice. If you think your name is not up to the mark, you can change it. On the other hand, if someone is okay with their current username, they can continue with it.

That’s all about changing your username on Clash Royale. By now you must have understood how easy it’s to change your username. However, don’t change usernames a lot as they cost you money. Think twice before making any changes.


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