Is Episode A Bad Game?

Online games have become extremely popular in today’s time. These games are played by people of all age groups including kids.

One of the popular names that have raised a lot of hype is Episode. It is an interactive storytelling platform where you will find different stories. These stories are either written by users or by Episode’s writing team.

Readers have the liberty to choose from different genres, including romance, drama, heartache, mystery. Not just that, but they can also customize the avatar, choose their fate, develop relations, and more.

Is Episode good or bad for kids?

Although the Episode app has a 12+ rating, it has many stories concerning dating, sex, alcohol, drugs, nudity, and other adult themes. This has raised a lot of concerns among parents.

As per Episode’s terms and conditions, the app can be used by users above the age of 13 years. But some of the content available on the app are not appropriate for kids. This is deemed as a bad influence on young minds who use this app.

The app also has in-app purchases that allow users to buy passes and gems. This can cause inappropriate reactions to events by kids. To put it differently, kids can end up spending a lot of money. The prices of passes and gems range between 1.99-99.99 euros. In short, the in-app purchases are pricey.

Another problem is that the app has many characters that can be impressionable for young kids. There are chances of kids getting influenced by certain aspects of the stories. This is especially true for kids who feel vulnerable. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their kids the difference between what is real and what is not. They need to make their kids understand that it is just a game and is not related to real life.

Last but not the least, the app doesn’t have any parental controls. This means parents cannot control their kids from watching the inappropriate content available on the app. This is one of the major drawbacks and should be fixed by the developers.

It is because of all these reasons that many parents are concerned about their kids using the Episode app. It is not appropriate for small kids below the age of 18 years.

Overall, Episode is a good app for users who are 18+. But as far as kids are concerned, the app needs to make certain changes to be more appropriate.

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