Jurassic World: Evolution – The Business Simulating Game with the Jurassic Theme

In Jurassic World: Evolution players are catapulted back into the world of the movie on the legendary islands of Isla Nublar and Muertes Archipelago. A myriad of choices are open unto a player, and for each decision the player makes, life finds a way. Furthermore, the player must build to suit the entertainment, security, and science interests of Jurassic World.

Game description

This game does not have any multiplayer mode inherent within it. It belongs to the strategic and business management simulation genre of games. The player must have a deep sense of management to manage and control the world of the Jurassic parks and still profit from containing the dinosaurs.

The player is the creator of life on the Jurassic planet as the player even breeds and incubates dinosaurs. Essentially, the game spans across managing the islands, unlocking new levels by moving from one mode to the other. And also, building enclosures for the dinosaurs and entertainment centers for the tourists and making money from these activities.


Apart from the 40 species of dinosaurs, players still have scientific research facilities like the Expedition center, Hammond Research center. These research centers are geared towards maintaining the lifespan of the dinosaurs, discovering new features about the dinosaurs, and also searching out for other species of dinosaurs to breed. The dinosaurs are kept in enclosures for visitors and tourists to stare at them safely.

Furthermore, side attractions and entertainment centers like restaurants and hotels are an essential feature of the Jurassic world, and they are significant sources of income. Players must also be prepared for emergency occurrences like the escape of dinosaurs and unpredictable weather. Players take on the personality of a business tycoon overseeing a world while playing this game. There are two gameplay modes in this game which are the career mode and the sandbox mode. The ultimate aspiration of the career mode is to build parks across the island that have a five-star rating.

The fantastic feature of this game is that despite the challenging situations and choices players encountered, the game is fun-filled and engaging.

Modern world interest

In a modern and civilized world, gamers are interested in such a game about evolution because of some particular reasons. Firstly, it enables players to witness and participate in how history went down and helped rewrite the history of extinction. Secondly, the game is saturated with authenticity, and it reproduces actual dinosaurs. Apart from the fact the game is absorbing, it also preps players in business and how to handle challenging decisions.


In conclusion, the game Jurassic World: Evolution captures the interest of players as it not only enriches them with the evolution and extinction of dinosaurs, it has a strategic business aspect that challenges players to make decisions in the world they create.

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