Learn About the Various Legendries in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a realistic multiplayer game featuring the Royales and a lot more including your favourite clash characters. You also get several options for collecting and upgrading different cards which feature the troops from Clash of Clans along with the most well-known defences and Royales like Baby Dragon, Princes, Knights, and a lot more.

You just need to knock the enemy who is the king along with the Princesses out of their tower for defeating all your opponents and winning a lot of glories, Crowns, and Trophies in the game arena.

Legendary cards can be unlocked from Arena 4. From this arena onwards, there are ample chances for you to find one. Just like the name “Legendary”, they are rare to find. Thus, there is the involvement of a bit of luck in availing these cards.

What are the various legendaries in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale Legendaries

There are a lot of legendaries that one can get in this game. Take a look below to know some of them:

  • Sparky

The Sparky card can be unlocked in Arena 11 which is the Electro Valley. It is a legendary chest. She is a widespread area and damage troop with a few high hit points and very high damage areas. She can also take the outlook of a frontline facing tesla coil along with a steel ram attached with it and a wooden base with 4 wheels. Sparky can also get charged up with time, escaping the attack when it is complete with an enemy in its arena. You can also reset the charge by using the stun effect. For deployment of a Sparky card, you will need 6 elixirs.

  • Lava Hound

The Lava Hound Card can be unlocked in Arena 10 which is called Hog Mountain. It is used to target buildings, with a short area, troops flying with high points, and less damage. On death, it can burst into 6 different Lava pups which are spread out with lower health without any aimed target. It can obey attack buildings, has very high hit points which can be splitter into small units just like Golem. The Lava Hound cars can appear like flying cars, which can burn rock beasts underwater, small dog ears, short ears as well as smaller limbs. You will need 7 elixirs for the deployment of a Lava hound card.

  • Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon card can be unlocked in Arena 9 known as Jungle Arena. It is short ranges, single targeted flying troop with a high hit point and different stages of damage. The damage of the inferno dragon can increase with time as it is more aimed towards a single target. It shows a resemblance towards a baby dragon wearing a helmet, a yellow coloured hose, and a fuel tank on the back. It costs 4 elixirs to deploy a 4 elixir.

  • Princess

The princess card can be unlocked from Arena 5 namely, Spell Valley. She is a long-ranged troop with a lot of area damage and a lower hit point which can cause a moderate level of splash damage. The longer-range also enables her to aim and attack the princess towers from adjacent sides of a river. You must have 3 elixirs to deploy a princess card.

  • Bandit

The Bandit Card can be unlocked from Arena 13 called Rascals Hideout. She has a troop with not so high hit point and the damage has the potential to dash against the nearby targeted areas, dealing with double damage is she can hit with a dash just like the charge of the prince. She has immune to cause damage even when dashing. Her hair is white. She can be seen wielding a blackjack and wearing a mask. 3 elixirs can help you in deploying a Bandit card.

  • Lumberjack

The lumberjack card can be unlocked from Arena 14 known as Serenity Peak. He is a single targeted, fast, melee troop that has low hit points. On death, a bottle of Rage can be dropped which can increase the movement speed and attack of the friendly buildings and troops in the effective radius of the spell. 4 elixirs are needed to deploy a lumberjack card.

Some ways by which you can earn legendary cards in this game are as follows:

  1. Magic items
  2. Special challenges/events
  3. Shop
  4. Trophy road
  5. Chests
  6. Trade tokens

These are some of the best legendaries in Clash Royale that you should know about. These legendary cards can help you in earning a lot in the game. Best way by which you can earn more legendary cards is by using a mod version of clash royale. However, there are many other legendaries offered in this game but the best ones are talked about here in this post.


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