Which is better Shadow Fight 2 or 3?

Shadow fight 2 is the base game. It’s much different than Shadow Fight 3, but it does have its perks. You can’t do team fights or guild raids in this game like in shadow fight 3, but there is a lot of amazing content for you to enjoy if you’re an adventure-type player. Not only that, but the player base seems to be more active in Shadow Fight 2 than 3. You can do daily quests and explore new places that you’ve never probably seen before. Plus, the fights are all pretty different from each other since there’s also a decent amount of weapons and skills to use in this game.

Another thing is Shadow Fight 3 doesn’t offer much after the update they made for guild raids. Now, if you don’t do them or participate in them then there isn’t really anything left for you to do because it’s really your only option if you’re looking for team fights and such. That’s why I recommend Shadow Fight 2 because it has way more content than Shadow Fight 3 ever will have at this point in time.

Can I play Shadow Fight 2 offline?

Shadow Fight 2 is not an offline game. To enjoy the game, you need to be always online (with the exception of practice mode). So, it cannot be played offline. However, if your internet connection gets disconnected while playing, then you can continue to play that battle 1 on practice mode.

Shadow Fight 2 is a multiplayer game and in order to enjoy the full experience, it has to be played online. You can play practice mode when your internet connection gets disconnected. However, if that happens then you won’t get any rewards for winning that battle which will also not be recorded on your profile.

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