Which is the Best Story in the Episode?

Episode is a great platform for people who love listening to different stories. If you wish to play a game with an interactive story then, this is the best choice. The theme of the story revolves around different plots that are mostly romantic. As per the reviews of parents, children above the age of 13 can go ahead with this application.

At the same time, when you look at the reviews of the adults, they prefer it for children above 14 years of age. The episode has several stories and each of these stories is quite alluring and appealing. Well, if you are wondering which story to watch initially then, don’t think much about it. The post below will help you know which story of the Episode is the best.

Episode Choose Your Story mod ios

Chain Reaction Episode

If you are an Episode reader then, you might know about this particular story. Just to give you a brief, a Chain reaction is a romantic story where the main character witnesses the murder. Interestingly, this main lead falls in love with the leader of the Bronze Dragons. The story takes an interesting turn as you proceed further.

To not break all your surprises, it is strongly recommended to you start reading this interesting story. In addition, while reading the story, you would also be able to customize the characters as per your preferences.

Chain reaction story has received an amazing list of reviews. It has also been appreciated for the theme of this story which includes romance, suspense, drama, as well as action. Whatever your favorite genre is, you can read this story with all your attention as it has something for everyone. Try not to delay any further and start reading one of the most popular read stories.

The episode is one of the best applications as has been stated above in the post. If you are a great reader then, you should indeed spend more time reading the Episode stories as they provide an amazing theme of stories.

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