5 Cyber Hunter Mind-Blowing Tips & Tricks

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Cyber Hunter is a science fiction Chinese multiplayer mobile video game that was developed by NetEase. It was recently launched on 26 April 2019. This is a Chinese battle royale video game that was supported on most platforms like Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

It consists of futuristic ancient battle royale theme format, and there are some defined components such as players as they are known as wanderers. You can download Cyber Hunter for Android and IOS from our website.

Cyber Hunter Gameplay (Tips & Tricks)

At the beginning of the game, players are dropped continuously from the hoverboards. Several extravagant weapons are available in-game are weaponized vehicles, microwave ammunitions.

There are unique movements like parkour, vertical mounting, and sliding through the air using Artificial Intelligence droids, crafting different buildings for defense, an option for highly personalizable characters.

There are five mind-blowing tips and tricks players can follow for leveling up in the game:

First, need to know where to land

You need to prepare a strategy before landing. So, if you are playing in a solo or squad mode then it is very crucial to decide at first because you should know the specified location you want to land as the hideouts and perfect area to attack, shoot, and fight with an enemy. The main reason behind this procedure is to survive at last.


Ultimate rifle in the game

As every multiplayer battle royale video game, it is always in common that players have first to kill, and then one can only survive till last, and it is essential to collect a useful weapon in Cyber Hunter.

The multi-function feature benefits the player as they collect or pick up assault rifles in every battle royale game like this game. It was classified into six rifles into three categories are primary, advanced, and rare.

Players should begin the game by operating booster cards

If a user presses the button that is placed on the top of the main screen, players will be redirected to the inventory screen. Here one can be able to find many card types that are lucky stars and many more items.

If any user has many growth or financial cards, then activate both the cards to earn an extra point (XP) need to boost the particular level for twenty-four hours more playtime.

Always be careful in Cyber Hunter about shrinking

There is a massive map in the game as it is prevalent in every battle royal video game. The players have been forced to compress users to shrink into smaller locations.

The remaining circle-shaped is visible on the map will not cause any harm to the player’s health as it was the safe zone. The users need to observe the map while playing the game, as it will help one to figure it out whether he/she is in the safe zone or not.


Auto-shoot is a better option

It is always a hectic job to shoot accurately. Cyber Hunter has the feature of automatic shooting. Don’t hesitate to use this feature if a user is not confident with their aiming skills.

Cyber Hunter is a Chinese multiplayer online video game that allows a player to jump from a jet hoverboard while landing, and there is a benefit of playing this game as it will enable a player to use the auto-landing feature.

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