Apply Smart Tricks to Escape Stealthily from the House of Granny

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Granny is a horror game of the arcade category for a single player, based on stealth and speed. The game has received enormous popularity in the famous virtual gaming arena since its development. You can play it on both, Android and IOS devices.

Game overview

In the game, the player finds himself/herself locked within the house of Granny. The player will have 5 days to escape from the house before she kills him/her. All the attempts to escape should be stealthily, or else Granny will come running and slam the player with her bat. The player should be careful about not making any noise as the ghastly creature is able to hear everything and appears in no time.


How to play Granny Game

At the very beginning of the game, the player wakes up on a bed. He/she comes to realize that he/she has been captured by a horrible ghost named Granny who is the spirit of a deceased old woman aged 60. 20 seconds later, Granny starts searching for the player. The player will be given 5 days to try and escape the house by avoiding the chance of being noticed by Granny. The ways to escape are more like putting together the pieces of a puzzle game. If there’s any kind of noise, Granny will come running and if the player is close to her, she will slam him/her with a bat.

The players can hide under beds, in closets, or in rooms, according to the availability. If the player gets a slamming from Granny, it will cause a momentary death for him/her and he/she will wake up the next day to continue the attempts to escape. However, this time it becomes harder as Granny has locked the door of the room from outside. In such a situation, the player has to create some noise so that Granny comes and unlock the door and in the meantime, the player has to escape from the room. The player might also get trapped within a bear trap.

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In order to escape from the house, the player may have to collect the following things:

  • Padlock key
  • Master Key
  • Hammer
  • Cutting Pliers
  • Cogwheels
  • Winch Handle
  • Playhouse key and so on.

How to Win

There are some ways to defend Granny if she suddenly faces the player. You must find the weapon key have to go to the secret area at the top floor. There you will find the crossbow and the tranquilizer dart at the weapon safe. Granny will be knocked unconscious if she is shot with the dart and the time she remains in that state will depend on the difficulty level in which the game is being played. It is 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the easiest mode and 15 seconds in the hardest mode.

Apart from this, you can take Granny to the sauna in the garage. By turning the metal plank and the machine on you can make her unconscious here as well. You can also try our Granny Game Mod which will make you invisible so that Granny can’t see you and you can easily escape from the house.


How the game ends in Granny Horror Game

Different types of endings are there in this game depending on the player’s success to escape. If the player succeeds in escaping the house, there can be three types of endings, such as:

Escape Ending

In this ending, the player manages to escape the house. You can hear the creaking noise of the door opening and the fading sound of the player running away in the backdrop of a black screen. Granny’s face can be seen as she stands at the door of the house.

Teddy Ending

Everything is the same here as the Escape Ending. Only Granny is seen here standing at the door with holding a teddy and the ghost Slendrina behind her.

Car Escape Ending

The player here escapes by a car. Once the car gets started, it hits the wall of the garage three times and then it runs away. Granny is seen watching the player escape.

Contrarily, if the player does not succeed, two types of endings can await him/her, such as:

Basement Ending

Here the player is killed as Granny throws him/her into the basement and devours the player.

Guillotine Ending

Here the player dies as Granny chops off his/her head in the Guillotine.


Important updates in Granny IOS & Android

Since its launching in the year of 2017, Granny has been updated for 7 times. The major features that these updates offer are discussed below:

Version 1.1:

  • Bigger house
  • Opportunity to defend Granny
  • Easy level
  • More objects

Version 1.2:

  • Hard level
  • Chances to get a bonus day in the normal and easy levels
  • The main door provided with an extra lock at the hard level
  • Opportunity to disarm the bear traps by dropping objects

Version 1.3:

  • Extreme level
  • The main door provided with an extra lock at the extreme level
  • More objects and places

Version 1.3.2:

  • Harder Extreme level
  • Added ending and game over scenes
  • Opportunity to apply all locks on the main in all difficulty levels

Version 1.4:

  • Introduction to the garage, the sauna, and the Car Escape Ending

Version 1.5:

  • Another way to escape
  • More places and useful items
  • Opportunity to practice difficulty levels
  • A pet for Granny
  • After getting shot by the shotgun, Granny gets a bit longer

In conclusion, the Granny, a horror game that is worth downloading on both, Android and IOS. Try it now and enjoy playing. You can download it for free from GooglePlay and Itunes.

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