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Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, the Hit TV Show Is Now All Set For Smartphone Debut

There are lots of milestones and bonuses that you can get hold of by playing this game. You will find lots of upgrades and bonuses lined up for you, once you begin to play the game. The game itself has been created by collaborating with the makers of the TV show. It is a base builder game and is driven by a story. You get into the empire of Heisenberg and give it a further direction for growth. As in the story, the stakes are pretty high as you step into the world of crime and drugs.

There exists little morality among characters and almost all the characters possess some sort of volatility. In Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, the profit must come in, no matter what is the cost. Download Breaking Bad Mobile now for free.

Begin with crime

You will be starting off your career in crime under the leadership of the legends Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Your job is to bring about huge changes and completely expand the humble meth-making operations of the duo into an empire. You begin from a stolen RV and then get to go to a global chain with immense influences.

You need to do all sort of things to improve your operations, right from improving conditions inside the lab to protecting it from enemies. You also require recruiting more foot soldiers and expand your operations.

Expand empire in Breaking Bad Mobile game

You will be established as well as expanding your empire of drugs in Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, by hiring the usual suspects like Saul Goodman, Mike, and even Gustavo Fring. There are lots of other fan-favorite characters too, whom you can include completing the circle. You need to level up these associates from time to time in order to defend as well as increase your production. You also have to take down your competitors from time to time, as you go about expanding your territory.

Building the base

You need to have a really strong base in order to keep the drug production flowing. No half measures should be taken when you build your base. You need to do whatever it takes, to expand your business as well as protect it from the rivals. You can constantly build and upgrade the existing infrastructure. There are lots of resources that you can generate by running your operations. In the world of drugs that Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, presents before you, there will always be gang wars. You need to be prepared for all those.

Developing the infrastructure

As mentioned early you begin your process of cooking the meth in a humble lab inside your RV. You will be dressed in your white aprons as you go about making the meth. You need to sell those products and impress the market in order to get a bigger place. When the lab becomes better, you will be able to produce superior quality products. Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is a game that lives up to the expectations of its huge fan base all over the world.

You can try this Breaking Bad Mod Apk to get unlimited resources and unlock all the characters in the game.

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