Cheats and Tricks to Win Massive Warfare Aftermath

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Massive Warfare: Aftermath is a brand new addition to the already existing line of power-packed action games for mobile devices. It is an online game that features multiplayer PvP mode. Download it now.

For those of you who are already into the game would know that the objective is to shoot down as many opposition vehicles as possible to climb up the leaderboard. Thus you gain in ranking and also win rewards such as EXP, crates, and cash on the way. However, you also know it’s not as easy as it sounds and you need to learn how to control your tank, how to be precise in a shooting, how to save yourself, etc.

Cheats and Tricks Massive Warfare Aftermath

Follow these cheats, tricks, and strategies to rank up the leaderboard:

  1. It is best to turn off auto-aim option

Your game settings keep the auto-aim option on as a default function. It means you just need to fire while your enemy vehicles will be automatically targeted. But, it is not a good option to keep it on in Massive Warfare: Aftermath. Instead, it’s better if you aim for the vehicles yourself.

On the main screen, you will see a hamburger icon on top left. Tap it; go to the settings, then control and un-tick the box against auto-aim option.

  1. Focus on the mini-map for a guidance

Instead of targeting any vehicle that comes in the picture, you can improve your game by targeting specifically. The mini-map present on the top-left of your mobile screen will help you track the upcoming vehicles. Move towards the side that shows one or two enemy vehicles approaching.

  1. Bring accuracy to your firing for dealing greater damage

Instead of tapping the fire button instantly, you can use the zoom-in option. It will help you aim the target with accuracy and help you destroy more vehicles while bringing you rewards I Massive Warfare: Aftermath. Also, the zoom-in feature is more important to deal greater damage to a critical part of the vehicle.

  1. Seize the cash and boosters

When you are on the battlefield, on a ravaging journey you will get many boosters that help you improve the game. For instance, you get healing boosters, speed-up boosters, damage-up boosters and many more. The more boosters you pick up, the more efficient you become to play Massive Warfare: Aftermath.

Also, when you destroy enemy vehicles, you get to accumulate cash. Don’t forget to pick it up once you are done with a vehicle.

  1. Vehicle upgrade is important

You can increase your vehicle’s efficiency by upgrading its stats like attack, speed, fire-rate, armor, etc. Use the cash you collected to upgrade it. Keep upgrading yourself with more and more cash and increase your chances of climbing up the leaderboard in Massive Warfare: Aftermath.

  1. Getting free gold will help you get Camouflages and stickers

You can get free gold in many ways. You can watch video advertisements, join in for the alliance, or tap on the FB icon in your menu for getting free gold. However, using your gold for an instant upgrade will not be much help in Massive Warfare. Instead, you should use it for buying Camouflages and stickers. Or you can just use our Massive Warfare: Aftermath Mod Apk and get all these for free.

Now, with these tips, get up the ladder and get more efficient in ranking higher for your game of action.

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