Diablo Immortal: The New Controls And Pricing System

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One of the major comments found on online sites regarding Diablo Immortal has been that it looks like Diablo 3 but you will be now able to play it from your phone. But how does the game control work? How does the transition from PC to Mobile feel like? These and more are questions which are left to be answered. So lets jump on.

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What is it like playing the full game?

  • First, you will be asked what class do you want to play as. So you can proceed to choose between the six classes which are given to you.
  • The game is controlled fully by a touchscreen as well as virtual thumbstick which is present on the left-hand side of the screen. Along with this you also get an ability, which is present on the right side of the screen. When you are using abilities which need precise aiming then hold down the button to aim where you want to. The game is a pretty action based and fast-paced game on a mobile phone, but the controls do work really well and you will be able to accomplish what you want to. Pulling off combos won’t be an issue as well.
  • The directional controls make it really easy to move the characters around and all you have to do is activate a skill is hold down the thumb on that skill to aim. There are also reinforcements thanks to the blizzard battle design which was designed especially for Diablo Immortal. This will allow you to talk and make groups, even during your most intense battles.
  • There is also a much greater emphasis on the platforming and environmental obstacles in Diablo Immortal. In the game, players will have to go down a chasm while being engaged in battle with the forces of darkness.
  • You will have to fight enemies and then level up to get the new skills while also wishing that the next enemy would drop a powerful weapon.

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What is the pricing system of the game?

Many had wondered if Diablo Immortal will have a single payment type system, but that seems really unlikely taking into account the lucrative mobile gaming market. It’s pretty easy to assume that Diablo Immortal will surely be free to play, but there will be in-app purchases. These will probably give access to more classes, start building items or other cosmetic accessories for the characters.

Apart from these changes, you will find Diablo Immortal to be quite similar to the previous Diablo games. The Blizzard president Bracks stated that as a mobile game Diablo Immortal will be different but that it isn’t trying to copy the PC experience. Instead, it’s trying to bring a good and authentic experience to the new platform. Overall, after playing the game this is the vibe one would definitely get from it but it will also feel that old games as well. As such it’s a good blend of the old and new.

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