Fifa 19: The Game, The Deals, and the Players

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Do you love football with a passion like no other? Would you like to play with all your favorite stars in the comfort of your home? How about enjoying an upgrade over the previous FIFA games? For all these and more, Fifa 19 is here. Developed by EA Bucharest and EA Vancouver, FIFA 19 was released on 28 September 2018 across various platforms. It is available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Android and IOS.

Fifa 19 Gameplay:

You will be able to play with La Croqueta, which is the signature move of Andrés Iniesta. Amongst the new icons added are Ryan Giggs, Bobby Moore, Luís Figo, Steven Gerrard, Hidetoshi Nakata and more. You will also get to play in new stadiums like the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Craven Cottage and more. The players move with greater fluidity and seem to sense and then react to the players and the ball around them. The defenders will also back away into the opposition’s forwards so as to get the ball out of play. They will also try out new ways to trap in the ball if it barrels at them at a very awkward angle.

This time, the game is full of realism as well- from the players getting tired more to taking more time to adjust to the game. Scoring more points for realism, players of different states have varying levels of success in getting control of the ball, authenticity is the name of the game in this one.

The Journey: Champions

This is a story based mode, which was previously introduced in fifa17 and has made a comeback here. Here, Alex hunter signs on for Real Madrid and tries to become their star after Cristiano Ronaldo leaves than for Juventus. He joins Danny Williams to play for Canadians League praise and trophy. There’s more in the form of Kim Hunter (Alex Hunter’s half-sister) who will try to compete in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. The story is engaging but heavily scripted which makes one feel like the choices don’t have consequences.


Game Features:

Leagues it will have:

Available in both single player and multiplayer modes, the game has included UEFA competitions along with the UEFA Champions League and the Chinese Super League for the first time. It will not have the Russian Premier League like in the previous versions.

Music and Commentary

Alan Smith and Martin Tyler are back as the commentators. But there is also a new commentary team composed of Lee Dixon and Derek Rae which switches on in the UEFA modes. Hans Zimmer and rapper Vince Staples are behind the music.

New controls

FIFA 19 Apk comes with a batch of new controls:

  • Active Touch System: It is basically an overhaul of all player controls.
  • Timed Finishing: It allows the player to press the kick button for the second time, so as to determine the precise moment the ball was kicked.
  • 50/50 battles: It allows a player to determine how likely they are to win loose balls.
  • Dynamic tactics: It allows players to configure and switch between tactics during a match in real-time.

The Gameplay, especially the story mode is riveting and the controls are good. This is a game for the football fanatics who want to experience the game like never before.

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