God Punch Idle Defense – A complete overview

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With online mobile games have become the next big thing, it is a difficult task to spot someone who does not play mobile games despite owning a mobile. Ever since the beginning of games being played online or offline on mobiles, there has been an evolution of such games, branching into many different categories such as adventure, action, word games, etc.

Out of all the categories into which games are grouped into, there is one category that probably is on its way to becoming one of the most popular categories of mobile games. And that is the role-playing game category.

Role-playing games or RPG allows the user to play the game while being in the shoes of a character. And one such game that is gaining an absurd number of followers due to its creativity and interactivity is God Punch Idle Defense. The name in itself is enough to spark a curiosity about this game.

Can you save the mother earth- Or will earth suffer in your hands?

Let us find out more about God Punch Idle Defense.

About the gameplay

The game God Punch Idle Defense is developed and published by goGame under the role-playing games or RPG category. One of the best parts about this is that it gives awesome rewards to its players who pre-register before the game is out in the market.

The exciting rewards are basically providing the gamers with amazing components required in the game such as a heavy gear set, gold cores of various amounts, etc. These vary according to the number of pre-registrations done. The basic story of the game follows a Greek storyline of how the earth came into form.

God Punch Idle Defense android

Other details about the gameplay

There are many elements that require you to destroy them in order to save the earth. Such components capable of destructive activities include meteors, intergalactic bosses, etc.

There are ways to give out great power with just one tap too. As you progress through the game, you will obtain many seals that will later help you gain more power. There are many more such interesting elements that will surely hold you captive.

The various features of the game

At the beginning of the game, you see how there are both chaos (called Abyss) and order (called Gaia) in the universe. Gaia is what holds the universe together, with the help of five elements.

But then you see how Abyss stops the five elements from functioning. In need of help, Gaia creates a godling and names it Zero. You are Zero in God Punch Idle Defense. As Zero, you need to fight against the Abyss and save the earth.

Final Thoughts

In short, this is one amazing game for anybody. Not only do you get to play the role of savior of the earth, but you also have fun while doing so. From mini gods to meteors to battles in the unknown boundaries of space, God Punch: Idle Defense has it all. So go ahead and pre-register and get cool rewards in return!

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