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Gaming is one of the most celebrated hobby rejoiced among people of all ages. Be an old folk, a teenager, or a 9-to-5 job going adult, a few minutes in the gaming world can be an everlasting, ever-enjoyable leisure pass time.

Other than the same, there are various hobbies that people tend to discover and engage themselves. Be it music, dancing, trek, amusement trips or solving puzzles. Recreation has become one of the most cherished hour among hours of errands and mundane lifestyle tasks.

In a span of 24 hours, our day gets easily divided among the obvious chores of household and our professional lifestyle. With constant strain and pressure, the day’s energy gets easily replenished and exhausted to a tiring level that leads directly to a sleepless coma during the nights. A break of your favourite in between your day’s mundane work can be a break not only to your body but also your constantly working brain.

Sleep is necessary for your brain in order to rest and gather its energy for the coming day ahead. Similarly a break is a much-needed concept while you carry out your life with un-blinking devotion.


The concept is way too popular among the young brains and teenagers. One may find a toddler playing with his parent’s mobile devices, managing to play some game on his own. Now who can stop the game addiction!

Be it young adults or matured folks, game addiction has a different charm known to its players. After all, who doesn’t like an instant adrenaline rush and a little thrill to fight against his opponents!

Today, gaming has become easier and far accessible comparing the olden days where children wished to buy a videogame or an X-box to fulfil their gaming desire. Now anyone with an android or iOS operating mobile device may wish to install the gaming applications and lose themselves in the gaming planet for hours without knowledge of the real world!

Isn’t that what we call an addiction!

Games can be of many genres, be it a battle, a car race, a puzzle solving adventure, an ordeal or simply educational such as scrabble or Happy Glass Android/iOS game.

Art lovers puzzle lovers, language lovers, speed lovers, and many others who have their passion and love in different backgrounds may find their suitably apt game and choose to mingle their leisure in playing and enjoying the thrill. Now who wouldn’t love to get excited by competing to be a winner while trying to defeat the opponents!


Happy Glass Android/IOS game

The game has been popular among many gamers in different parts of the world. All one has to think about is how to make the sad glass happy. Find a way to fill the glass with the constant flow of water and make the waiting glass happy!

The game offers a chance for the artists as well the creative minds to come to a solution and cross each of the levels. The best part of the thrill is that with each of the levels, the challenge to draw the water flow gets more and more difficult and thus, demanding when it comes to your imagination and creativity.

Good luck playing Happy Glass on Android or IOS!

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