Play Brave Conquest, Be the Lord of Your Own Kingdom

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Good news for gamers who love playing tactical games having various approaches and strategies. The Brave Conquest is here to enhance your excitement and indulge you in its world. You will be able to be a part of it along with millions of player as you start your epic journey into the vast world of Brave Conquest.

In this game, you have the opportunity to choose a piece of land for starting your kingdom. You have to start building your kingdom from scratches.  You have to plan properly to raise your armies so that you can confront others in an exciting battle with your team. The review will help you in finding out everything you need to know about this exciting game.

Story of Brave Conquest

The Brave Conquest takes place in a fantastic world. This is the place where myths are made through fire and blood. You have to start by settling your construction. You need to assign various tasks to your works at the same time you need to collect essential resources. As you start progressing into a new age, it is important for you to invest in technology and most importantly in your armies. When you have a strong army you can challenge your enemies. You can simply resolve your entire dispute with your opponent on the battlefield.

You must apply varied strategies that can help you in winning the match at the same time you can also recruit various unties comprised of different powers. You just have to take down your enemies and advance to the new land. You have to be the best conquerors in order to progress and establish your empire in the world of Brave Conquest. Now let’s head up to check out the exciting features of this game.


Your choice, your kingdom

The best thing about Brave Conquest is that it gives players the opportunity to build their own kingdom according to their choice. You can choose the land of your choice and start building your kingdom.  As the lord of your kingdom, you are the one who has the power to call the shots. It gives the player a chance to experience the excitement of building cities.

Self – maintained economy

As a leader and Lord of your kingdom, you need to provide for your citizens. You are the one who needs to look for whether the citizen lack in home, food or any other essential. If they lack in living space you have to build a home for them. You have to arrange for food if they lack food. You have to plan out everything properly. You need strategies so that you can maintain your economy as it will be hard to maintain armies along with taking care of the citizens.

Other remarkable features

Other than the above-mentioned features this game also gives you the opportunity to –

  • Raise your own armies.
  • Recruit mighty heroes for leading your armies into the battlefield.
  • Collecting tons of treasures and exploring new realms.
  • Earn valuable loots by taking down monsters.
  • Be one among the millions of online players.
  • Achieve valuable prizes and complete challenges.
  • Get exciting daily bonuses for being a dedicated player.
  • Play for free.

Frankly saying the Brave Conquest is the game that can excite the urge of playing in any player. At the same time addict them to it.

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