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State of Survival has a scenario where all the survivors of the post-apocalyptic world have gathered together in order to fight infection. After 6 long months of terror, isolation and grueling hardship all the people have now come together and maintained unity in order to fight the world where zombie, infection is mutating rapidly.

This is a survival game that is available in your Google Play. As it has not been launched yet so you can pre-register for this game. People are already excited for this game because it has intriguing gameplay, great graphics, good sound quality and other interesting features which makes this game different from the prevailing survival games.


Things that you’ll encounter in State of Survival

  • After six long months of zombie terror, some survivors of the country have gathered together in order to fight the rest of the situation together. Because of this drastic attack, all the resources have already exhausted so only a few are left so one will have to use them properly.
  • As the world is infected so it is very important to create a settlement that one can call as their safe haven. It will be a place where all the survivors will live. There will be many more survivors whom you will have to locate and make sure you are finding the survivors first who have special abilities. As there will be many wars in this game so you need people who have strength.
  • As most of the civilization has been wiped off by the zombie disease so all the player of this game you will have to learn about this infection which is rapidly mutating. If you can optimally control this infection by knowing all the information related to it then controlling the entire country wouldn’t be a tough task for you.
  • You cannot fight all one vulnerabilities of this situation alone, so you need alliances with whom you will have to unite and play. Strategic partnerships and alliances are going to help you to fight the wilderness of this infection. You will have to join several forces if you want to defeat your enemies.
  • Only the survivor who is brave enough to take challenges will survive till the last. Every player will have the motive to control the country so there is a high chance that your friends can turn their back on you.

All the features that are mentioned above make this game one of the most awaited game. You will hardly get any game that features a post-apocalyptic situation. It is basically a survival game where your job will be to survive until the last by taking brave actions. One will have to perform several duties in order to rule the people of the country. Only a brave man will be able to get immense power and opportunities.

This game will offer you with several achievements whenever you will accomplish goals that are skill based. You can also compete with your friends and check their scores on the leaderboard.

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