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Word games never go out of trend. There are still thousands of people who play word games in their mobiles, racking their brains for probably that one word to seal the victory. But it is safe to say that word games have evolved from the past, mainly thanks to the popularity of online games played on mobiles.

Technology has definitely brought more advanced and more entertaining word games into the field. There are word games that are played every day by a community of players, all of who are learning a little more every single game.

One word game that is sure to have people change the way they think about word games is Word Show, a game developed by Etermax under the word game category online. Read on to see why you should be having this online mobile game and what makes it so interesting. The cute canine and words afloat, see if you can win this game or not.

Word Show android

About the gameplay

Like any good old word game, the game Word Show too involves words and finding them, etc. But then there is also slight twists and turns in the game that make it a game you have never played the likes of before. This game basically presents to the player a bunch of what seems to be random letters.

It is up to the player to find out words from that group of letters. This makes the gamer think and work their brain to find out the words behind the letters.

The various features of the game

The game Word Show consists of more than 250 levels of wordplay. Mind-blowing, right? The best part is that there are so many types of word games on these levels. There are anagrams, crosswords, word puzzles, etc. You will also be accompanied by a canine character of the name Panchito to remind you to have fun while working your brain.

This word game not only helps you understand the vocabulary you possess but it also helps you learn new words. And not once will you feel bored even though you are basically learning new words or testing your existing knowledge of words. This is because the game has been designed in such a way that it is interesting and useful at the same time.

Other details about the gameplay

Word Show has many intricate components that make it unique. You can use the letters as many times as you want while trying to figure out the words. There is no limit on the number of times you use a letter. Also, the game does not run on a clock. There is no time limit to finish a particular level, allowing the user to think freely. This game is one of the best in its league to improve your vocabulary and spelling and gain more knowledge over the language.

Final Thoughts

Word Show is definitely a word game to watch out for. Make sure you go and pre-register to this amazing word game that will surely leave your mind boggled as it searches for answers.

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