Words & Ladders – A complete overview

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Half of our childhoods have been spent playing word games. I still remember playing the word game that came attached to every newspaper. Even visiting the library as a kid was all about coloring, reading storybooks and solving word games. These games not only aimed to improve our vocabulary but also helped in understanding how funny studies can be. From guessing the perfect word that could fit the meaning of making ladders from the correct words, this game was never boredom.

The Gameplay

With this concept, developers have created this game named Words & Ladders. The game allows its players to guess the words behind every riddle that flashes on the screen.

By making the maximum number of guesses, one can make it to the top and defeat his opponent. As one continues playing, the ladders seem to speed up. This pressurizes the players to speed up their progress. If one doesn’t succeed, the game will slide you back to lower levels. Therefore, one must be careful and 100% confident while making the guesses.

Words & Ladders android

While playing the game, players will come across a character named Gallerino. He is the owner of the whole fair. He is a character who is always obsessed with new variants of games. In his former days, he has also hosted a crossword game and now he aims to host a word search game like the game of Words & Ladders.

But, this game is not a typical word search game. It comprises of numerous riddles that the players need to solve before proceeding to the next higher levels. Gallerino also teaches the players about the ropes. Therefore, it depends completely on the players how they take up his advice and play the game with their friends.

What are some of the features of the game Words & Ladders?

Without knowing about a game’s features, the game wouldn’t be enjoyable to play. Therefore, it is very important to know about every feature in order to enjoy the game to the fullest. This game of Words & Ladders also comes well-equipped with several features. They are:

  • The game consists of thousands of riddles. Players have to solve each one of them with accuracy in order to climb up to higher levels.
  • In this game, players can even invite their friends. They can join this board game with them and enjoy it to the fullest by making correct guesses with every chance.
  • This game requires fit brains. The game is pretty challenging and comes with the most difficult set of riddles. Making correct guesses can be quite difficult.
  • The game is accompanied by a number of slides. Players have to be careful about them. If they make the wrong guess, they would be slid to lower levels.
  • While being cautious about the slides, players must aim for the ladders. They will help them proceed further in this game and will allow them to unlock new levels.

Therefore, it all depends on how sharp your brain is for solving these complicated riddles. Hurry! Download the game and give it a try.

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