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Apex Legends is a first-person shooter multiplayer, and online battle royale video game. Electronic Arts published it. The game was supported on most of the platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, pro, and Microsoft Windows.

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It was released on 4th February 2019. It is entirely different from most of the multiplayer online battle royale games. It has pre-defined heroes with unique abilities or skills, for example, offense, support, recon, and defense.


Several layers consist of three teams, and an individual player can choose different legends, and match up to twenty teams to compete for the entire sixty competitors.

Every team begins with no-tool rather than melee attack, and the skills or abilities of a legend. The characters fly from the entire map with the help of a dropship that flies in a straight direction from a haphazard position on the map’s edge to cross another spot from the opposite side.

There are five amazing tips, tricks, and strategies to play Apex Legends are mentioned below:

Try to land in distant

If a player is not feeling comfortable to land right in action, try to stay in the dropship for a longer time, and also do not forget to land on the outskirts of the map.

There is a higher chance that a player will only land near the remaining players, and the user may have much time to observe those loot to know what they are doing. If a player falls in distance, then he/she can survive for a longer run.

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Don’t forget to lock the doors, and spread obnoxious gas traps

Opponent players can easily prevent the doors, and also create gas traps that are caustic. If a player has enough option then you are badly stuck between a door and a wall then it will not open, either it is a sliding or hinged door. A user can quickly destroy any doors with the help of grenades, and melee attacks.


Always use sniper scope for a better precise kill

Apex Legends is an online multiplayer first-person shooter game that allows a player to drop like a bullet. If any player wants to hit distance targets, one will need to recompense with its aim.

The numbers that are placed next to the marks on a ranged scope correspond directly to distance in hundreds of meters. If a player tries to look through a range, then one will be able to observe an initial measurement of the real-time distance.

Appropriate movements

Apex Legends is similar to a sizeable multiplayer map from most of the recent games. It is considered to be a battle royale experience. There are many ways to kill or attack someone in the game, and it does not deal with the sniping spot. If a player doesn’t know how to move, then, he/she will not survive the game entirely.

Try to know different colors

The primary and essential thing is to move from one building to another. It helps in understanding different ammo colors. When a player picks up his/her desired weapon wants to pick up their relative weapon. The players want to grab rare attachments.

Apex Legends have the choice to select from eight different types of legends to play, and many more characters that will be released in the future.


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