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You will hardly get bored in the modern world of entertainment because of their several avenues for making fun and relaxing; thanks be to Behavior Interactive’s Assassin’s Creed Rebellion. Yes, you can enjoy your indoor and outdoor activities as well, but video gaming has become the most popular and lovable activity that gives us lots of fun and peace of mind.

Behaviour Interactive has been at the forefront of developing Android video games. One of their top Android video games is the “Assassins Creed” game that was first released in November 2007. Video game lovers who have played this game will agree with me that it is a fascinating game based on old age time.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is one of the Assassins Creed series of enticing video games. An action-adventure game, developed in collaboration with Ubisoft, Gameloft, and Griptonite games. Download the Assassin’s Creed Rebellion apk from our website for free.


About the Game

Coming soon on the iOS and the Android platforms, Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is deceptively simple. I had to admit that this is a perfect addition to the Android gaming adventure after watching the teaser on the Ubisoft YouTube Channel.

At a glance, the Assassin’s Creed Rebellion looks perfectly like Fallout Shelter, but very intuitive, interactive to play and its storyline revolves around a turn-based squad mechanism like X-Com series style.

Precisely, its storyline is based on three key features; building an elite team, managing HQ and mechanisms infiltrating the enemy’s strongholds.

Building the Elite Assassins Team

This is how the gameplay works. First, you have got to build your brotherhood team. The team will comprise the elite assassins having their peculiar skills plus other legendary assassins including Ezio, Shao Jun, Aguilar and many other heroes. Forty plus characters to build your prototypical brotherhood team and lead the fight against the Templars.

Managing HQ

Once you build and select your team, then it’s time to dive into a mission with them. The prime objective is to defeat your enemies without any of your team members dying. That’s why it is essential to come up with war-winning strategies. Gather resources, build new rooms, train and upgrade your assassins, develop new tools or create the new medicine.


Infiltrating the Templars Strongholds

Well, you have to win this covert mission throughout Spain. So, make your choice of clandestine approaches wisely to enable you to attack and fight your way through the mission. As indicated earlier, your objective is to maneuver obstacles to make through the room without any of your team members dying.

So, you can hide behind some objects and lure the enemy towards you then eliminate it. If you are spotted, then you have to fight them back through turn-based battles. Remember that each room accords you the opportunity to choose a teammate with a particular skill set. A character that sweeps through traps or a climbing character, for instance, depending on the objects you are maneuvering.

Decision Strategies for Winning

Well, this is team-based gameplay with thousands of already premade characters. You have to play wisely by using different characters to win the game. Despite this, winning is the ultimate goal. So, whatever means you use to win, the end will justify the means. For instance, you can employ stealthy approaches to make your way through the mission or use brutal force on every enemy through a powerful fighter.

The decisions you make are your own. In my view, this is a demerit to this type of style of game.


It was a great idea for developers to come up with this overwhelming Assassins Creed Rebellion Android/iOS. Despite being one of the Assassins Creed series, it offers an entirely new storyline that is fun and excitingly different.


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