Bendy In Nightmare Run APK for Android/IOS

Experience intense action and non-stop running in Bendy in Nightmare Run! Play as Bendy, Boris, or Alice Angel as you swipe, jump, and dodge your way through challenging levels.
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28 Sep, 2023
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Bendy in Nightmare Run Apk is a completely action-packed game that will keep you hooked to your Android/IOS device. You can play this game as Bendy, Boris who is a wolf, as well as Alice Angel.

You have to swipe left, right, jump, and make a dash through your path. There are also four bullies or enemies whom you need to counter. These characters were shown in cartoons from the 1930s. When you are playing the game, the action simply never stops.

You can fend off your enemies as well as navigate through different locations. You can play the game in junkyards, streets of the city as well as in libraries, or even on the ship of pirates.


Leveling up

You can collect different weapons and keep leveling up the different characters in the game. Your ability will improve by collecting different cans of bacon, which seems delicious to the characters.

The characters can get more colorful by unlocking costumes as well as getting weapons specific to particular episodes. The chase never ends in the game and Bendy will need your help to reach the destination. You can also use our bendy in nightmare run mod to get a lot of free cans of bacon.

Bait and dodge attacks from bosses

The different levels in this Bendy in Nightmare Run are essentially spilled into four stories having six subplots. Each of these stories has a separate boss, who grows more and more powerful as the story progresses.

In each of these acts, the boss would be chasing you from start to finish and increasing his assaults as the level progresses. Every attack is different here, you will be barged with tires, lasers, and even artillery.

You have the crosshair on you during the attacks; should not be moving immediately, as the crosshair follows you for a couple of seconds. You can easily dodge the attack a little later as it gets locked on the lane, as indicated by flashes on the screen.

Choosing weapons

When you are playing Bendy in Nightmare Run, you will have access to different kinds of weapons while on the run. Most commonly you will get, an anvil, brick, or an ax. Different weapons deal with different kinds of damage to the enemy or obstacle.

The brick, ax, and anvil deal with one, two, and three damages respectively. Hence it is recommended to go for the anvil as much as possible. When you have the most powerful weapon in your hand, you do not really have to get upgrades for the other weapons.


Hit or Miss enemies

You will find that there are three lanes in the game Bendy in Nightmare Run, namely left, right, and center. The different bosses usually spawn in these lanes. Hence these bosses will attack you with various attacks within these lanes.

The enemies that are fixated on the ground can be killed by simply throwing a weapon in that lane. To beat the airborne ones, you have to make a jump and throw your weapon at them. You can always make maneuvers and avoid receiving counterattacks from enemies and win the game.

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