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Brave Conquest Apk is a new casual strategy game developed by IGG. The story of this game is about a peaceful kingdom that abruptly ends up in a war. There are large numbers of troops, and the player needs to protect the Kingdom from enemy attacks.

The player is the savior, warrior, emperor, Lord of the Kingdom who protects the Kingdom and saves it from all disorders and riots. The Lord leads large troops to protect the Kingdom and even rally to battle with this troop. The emperor needs to save his Kingdom and rebuild it.

There are several unique heroes and players who can develop strategies from time to time to fight and win against opponents. There are thousands of players, so get planning to protect the Kingdom and fight other kingdoms to be the ultimate Lord of all Kingdoms. It is in release across both iOS and Android.


Brave Conquest Gameplay & Features

The graphics of Brave conquest is stunning, and this dynamic gameplay makes it one of the best fun-filled strategy games. The game includes several modes and even a PVP battle.

The game has several cool features; the Lord of the Kingdom has total control over his Kingdom. The Lord can construct new buildings and farms to collect resources and store them for feeding the troops. The Lord demands to scale high and explore, and he can unlock barracks and unique spells to strengthen the army and win more battles.

The Kingdoms have a strong guard in light of a Dragon; this dragon can burn down castles and takedown cities. The dragon must be kept fed at all times, to avoid pissing her off.

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Peculiar World

The realm of Brave Conquest is legendary; there are jagged peaks and deep valleys which hold a lot of rare treasures.

The ten thousand troops which stand with the Heroes are made ready and taken into battle by the Lord. Whether the soldiers return home from the battle as winners or failures will depend upon how the Lord ideally plans the troops on the battlefield. Most importantly, train and fed the troops before heading to battle, led the army wisely.

The ‘allies unite’ feature is fantastic as it allows the Kingdoms to join forces together and fight other alliances to be the mightiest alliance in the realm. Joining an alliance is useful for many reasons. For example, a player runs out of resources, and the allies can share their resource.

Even if other kingdoms hound a Lord, the associates will come to the rescue and save your back. Broadly speaking, join a strong alliance and invest in growing as a union and take down other Kingdoms to be the mightiest alliance in the realm.

Troops and Heroes

Longbowman is the archer’s troops which will keep targeting trying to kill enemies. Infantry, cavalry, frontline tanks, minions are some of the other forces which have a vast range of attacking abilities and will assist the heroes in the battles.

The heroes in Brave Conquest include Paladin and Mountain King. Paladin is the justice hero whose bravery has won many wars in the past. Paladin uses a hammer to fight and a special light as cover. Mountain King is a warrior who is acclaim to use his intelligence to take down forces on the battlefield. He once burned down an enemy horde.


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