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Craft Legend is a new RPG game created by IGG. The game is set up in a peculiar world where people are taken as hostages, and the player needs to find a way to escape and save the rest of his friends. The game feels as if the world was established to help the player save the hostages.

Along the route, the player must collect all the necessary handicraft and resources to serve the cause. Keep collecting coins and diamonds to purchase other useful crafts in-game.


Craft Legend begins with the player creating & naming their character. The player must find a way to get Guerrier out of prison with the help of Venna. The objective is to find a way out of the cage and then go on to protect the others.

The game has several obstacles and challenges such as an invasion by the monsters, wars among alliances, hunger and more to obstruct the player.

It is a 3D sandbox game which makes the game very user-friendly, the games UI is incredible. The game has special tools and items which are crafted for the player’s benefit in assisting the player in getting out of the prison.

Craft Legend Features

Craft Legend has pets and followers which join forces with the character and fight next to the character. The game is adventurous, from fighting bosses in the dungeons to building new homes, experience this unique role-playing game.

The game also allows players to earn money, buy and sell items. The player can start a farm as a farm tycoon. The game lets players socialize and meet new people, make friends and even organize meetings.

There are several costumes available for the characters to look good and to dress up. The game has a thrilling PVP mode where the player has to defend the towers and lead troops and beasts to take down other player’s homes.

The games host a couple of beautiful biomes for players to experience a vast range of gameplay. There are a volcanic, jungle, desert, snowy and forest biomes which have many buried secrets, and it is for the player to come across these biomes and explore to find out the secrets.

The game gives an immersive experience for the player with a realistic touch of surviving in the unforgiving land to building a unique home to battling multiple bosses in dungeons. Also, the crafting slots fully unlock as the players make progress in the game.

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Things to know

  • The guards in Craft Legend cannot be killed. The guards only lose their consciousness and get up after some time.
  • Mana points restore over some time.
  • Casting spells are available at the expense of mana points, so players should be sure not to use all of their mana points on spells but to spend it wisely for other craft items and more spells.
  • Unlocking all the three crafting machines will allow the player to craft three items at the same time and this will save some valuable time.

How to download and install Craft Legend APK on Android

  1. Click on the link below to start downloading Craft Legend.apk
  2. Click on the OK and the download process will begin immediately.
  3. After the download is completed, the installation page shall open up.
  4. Press Install and follow the instructions.

Download URLs:

Download Craft Legend APK for Android

Download Craft Legend IOS


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