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Dungeon Fighter Online is one such game that has proven itself to be a classic game. It is an action multiplayer that features anime characters and are played by over five million people. Developed by Neople and originally published by Hangame.

It was first released in South Korea and in Japan in 2005 and was further updated in the English version and released in 2014 for the rest of the world. You can download it for Android and IOS from our website.

About Dungeon Fighter Online Mobile

Dungeon Fighter Online mobile is a 2D classic side-to-side scrolling game that includes hack and slashing/beating of the enemies. It is based on the anime cartoon characters. Here the players have to cross 2D screen while fighting the monsters.

The characters of this game are abided by two metres, the HP, and the MP metres. HP metre decreases when the character is stuck by the enemies and MP decreases on using a skill, and the items of the game can either of the two or both at once. The players in this game have skills like attack, jump, run, punch and can move in eight possible directions as and when required.

This game has a special feature of manually inputting the command to perform the skills. Directly commanding skills can cost less of MP. It can be done by pressing the arrow keys. Some skills are cancellable, which means it can be used in the middle of the normal attacks and multiple time together. Skills are usually functioned separately from the normal combos.

Download Dungeon Fighter Online IOS

Special features of the game

With fast-paced 2D side-scrolling gameplay and unique action anime characters. This game has an epic storyline and variety of characters. Some more features that tend to draw the attention of the players are:

  • Retro style ambiance:

Dungeon Fighter Online for Android and IOS is an action game that is inspired by arcade classic games like Double Dragon.

  • Epic effects of hits and combos:

Similar to a true action game, this game provides the players with epic hit effects and compound combos. These may seem easy to learn but is actually hard to perform. Addition to all that, this game has beautiful illustrations for each level that adds more excitement to one’s gaming techniques.

  • Zestful customization:

Dungeon Fighter Online allows one to customize the game’s character with various new inbuilt avatars by unlocking them with every passage of level. It has dyed to color and give a personal touch to the beautification of the avatars, to make the characters look unique and fun to play with.

  • Music:

The game features an extraordinary audio system that adds more fun to the play.

Games like this have taken the entertainment world by storm, it has now turned many into addicts. All mostly, love the features of this game that is inspired by the anime cartoons. It helps in boosting up energy, releases stress, and improves concentration.

How to download and install Dungeon Fighter Online APK on Android

  • Click on the button below to start downloading Dungeon Fighter Online Apk.
  • Click on the OK and the download process will begin immediately.
  • After the download is completed, the installation page shall open up.
  • Press Install and follow the instructions.

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Game Screenshots:


Download URLs (Android & IOS)

Dungeon Fighter Online Apk for Android

Dungeon Fighter Online for IOS


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