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FIFA and every growing franchise is absolutely every gamers dream. With the new installation of the game about to be launched soon, the rave about it has gained completely new momentum. But, if you have been here since the beginning of this year, you must still be hung on the amazing gameplay of FIFA 18 Apk for Android and iOS and that is basically every single one of the gamers. But, have you perfected the games or are you still struggling to stay afloat.

If you are someone on the latter spectrum, don’t worry, we have some tips of this game to share with you. Hold tight because these tips can take you from being someone who’s amateur at the game to someone who’s pro at it.

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Tackling and deliver

Many gamers have this hidden notion that standing tackle has been made redundant which is anything but. Tackling in this game is actually quite hard-hitting but has had an impactful effect on the game this year which is exactly what you need to try out. While the animation for the same is actually a little awkward, it is not completely a redundant option. You can easily just poke your leg at the player who is facing backward to you and get the ball from in between their legs, as simple as that.


Make use of the catalog

The majority of the people end up overlooking the catalog and if you are one of them, now is the time to change it because it does contain a lot of important information that many people skip out on. Don’t let embarrassment take a front seat and just ensure to give yourself some of the online seasons to win. And the one thing that you definitely can’t afford to miss out on is buying some of the Ultimate team coin boosts. You will need them at a later stage in the game and they are a must-have.

Pro Clubs Skill Tree

The Pro Clubs in the FIFA 18 Android have undergone a bit of a makeover in terms of aiding the gamers bulk up with their pro stats but the same is just as important. The RPG like skill tree will end up lacking the various complexities of a few of the fully-fledged adventure games but it is very important to be careful with the choices you make. The two categories – physical and dribbling have just as good of importance. While the Physical category gives a handy speed boost, the dribbling helps you with the improvement in your close control. Pro Clubs is an amazing way to just end up embarrassing your opponents in front of your friends and you can definitely do that as quickly as possible.

FIFA 18 APK Game Features

  • Easy to install.
  • Free to download.
  • APK file is compatible with all Android versions.
  • Don’t need to root your device in order to play Fifa 18 on your Android device.
  • The best Football game for mobile

No-touch dribbling

If you have been playing FIFA since every year of its launch, you would know that the addition of the no-touch dribbling in the FIFA 17 was a completely wrong move by the developers which was not just unnecessary but bad too. The rendition of it in the 18 version has been toned down by a lot, given the fact that you can swerve and spin while still being in control. Get your best dribbling skills into play and you are sure to take your team to the realms of victory like no other.

FIFA trainer is good

The FIFA trainer is for those millennial gamers who are new in this realm. If you have little to no idea about what to do and what to avoid, the trainer is there to help you out with the same. This year’s tutorial option is very vividly explained which makes it quite amazing for you to learn through the process easily without getting confused with the mechanics behind it. This is actually quite an invaluable tool to find out why your play hasn’t been working out and can be used in the instant replays as well.

Goalkeepers are a downgrade

The perception of it might vary from person to person but for the most part, it seems like the goalkeepers in this season’s game have undergone a serious downgrade which is pretty daunting for the other players in the team. It is not just for the newbies but even the top-level goalkeepers are ending up giving a scare with their lack of skills and expertise when required.

A few of the cheap goals might be conceded but don’t let it get to you. Just breathe in and try and opt for the bar posts, because there are chances that the one guarding them might end up missing it. Make sure to make the shot as lower as possible because the lower the height, the better it is.


Start FUT as a single player

The temptation to show out to the world what you have been up to your skills might be pretty enticing, but is it best to play it safe for the first 8-10 games. It can be great actually if you are taking time to wisely build your as you will go through the FUT tasks, squad battles, and even the variety of the squad building challenges which means that gradually, you will be able to kick some butt when you are ready with your best team in place.

Net loss

Don’t know whether to categorize it as an improvement or not, the highly-strung net tension is definitely a thing that makes you think. The netting can actually be changed under game settings. While the same is not a very massive change or improvement, it is expected to make scoring a screamer a bit more on that of the satisfying end. The only thing though, it is not quite good as before.

The rendition of the FIFA 2018 APK is definitely great gameplay and a must-do if you still haven’t. With the new part of the game expected to be released soon, it is important that you know the ins and outs of this specific game before it is quite late than anything else. These tips can actually help better your gameplay.


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