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Game of Sultans Apk is the latest RPG to release in the Android/IOS market. In this simulation game, you get to be a Sultan, who is basically the emperor of Europe as well as the Middle East combined. All the different minute details regarding this game have been dealt with properly.

As a player, you will be able to immerse yourself in different brutal wars as well as periods of romance. You will have the opportunity to manage your empire as well as play different kinds of political games. The game is simply too good to believe for all those people who love playing strategy games.


Different features

In this game, you will be the all in all emperor and have an entire army at your command. Your queens will be known as harems and you can have multiple partners to romance with. You will have your council or ministers as well as a team of merciless mercenaries. Hence you will be fighting the most ferocious wars as well as raise kids in a family. You can even make alliances with your friends and join hands to fight off enemies. In-Game of Sultans, you drink, chat has a good time, and makes conquests.

Basics of the game

If you have not played the RPG genre of games, then you, of course, need to have some basic understanding of the mechanics of this game. You need to know about how to play the game, the place to start off, etc. You will, of course, have a tutorial, after which you need to handle everything manually. The game of Sultans will start as a young emperor who has just succeed the old Sultan. Will gain experience by defeating other kings and taking over their castles. Also, you need to improve your levels in the game to unlock new features.

Guide for getting resources

You will find that there are three basic resources in Game of Sultans. These resources are namely gold, grains, and soldiers. The gold is used for upgrading the various Viziers, with the grain you attract soldiers, who are in turn sent off for more conquests. These resources are collected from the imperial parliament of your empire. These resources will be gathered any number of times for fulfilling your quests. You can either gain experience or resources by tapping on characters after completing quests. The Viziers are quite important for your kingdom and deal with the military as well as foreign affairs. You can also download our game of sultans mod and enjoy playing the game with full resources.


Become a powerful Sultan

The main challenge that you will face in Game of Sultans, is to expand your empire. You can grow in class as a Sultan and then you become a master and consequently a grandmaster. The level of the Sultan determines the power of the Sultan, the empire, army etc. You can play more campaigns and increase your XP. You always need to make use of different free items after the completion of your quests. The backpack in the menu option reveals the rewards you have in store


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