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When was the last time that you actually played a puzzle game on your mobile phone? To bring back the memories of playing puzzle games, the developers in the mobile gaming platforms have come up with various ideas of these newly though puzzle game ideas which enable the players to use their brain in order to do a certain or to make an object do a certain task in the provided environment.

Happy Glass Android/IOS is a similar kind of game where the developers have soothingly thought the whole process over and over again to make the players who play this kind of a game to indulge themselves in creating lines of obstruction to help the sad little glass feel happy after it has been filled with the water that comes running from the tap.

Similar games with similar techniques

There are many similar games on the list from the same developers who have been making this kind of games for their players. Hence, it can be well understood about the dynamics used and the mechanisms with the help of which one can proceed further with the game. The only way to do so is to make the sad glass feel happy about itself and letting it get filled with water in the process.

What is it about and how does it work?

The whole mechanism and gameplay of the game Happy Glass circulate on three objects. The sad glass, the obstructive object and the pathway which helps to stop the obstruction and a tap. There might be different kinds of objects which might cause and call in for obstruction for the proper filling up of the glass. This might keep the glass sad and you would fail your objective.

How to play the Happy Glass game?

Use your fingers to make random lines on your screen so that you are able to stop the obstacle midway and actually help the glass to fill itself up. As the water fills the glass we can see a sudden change in the mood of the lass as it turns from the sad gloomy face to a happy and soothing one. Closing on for one part of the game will make you feel interested in the Happy Glass game and thus will allow you to indulge in the game more.

Other similar games like this also let you play more just by allowing the difficulty levels of each level to pass on with more chances and a more intimidating obstacle to hunting your power of solving puzzles. You can also use a Mod for the game to get free points on your game account.

Game Screenshots


happy-glass-screenshot 2

Why do you need Happy Glass Android/IOS?

This kind of game is always good for people who are always on the go. That means that if you are traveling from a place to another and you need something to pass your time with them, this kind of mobile game can surely win your heart. Try on, see how time flies as you commute either to the school or to your workplace.

Finding new ways and techniques to solve the puzzles will surely keep you entertained. Hence, for this reason, you must try the best games of similar kinds like Happy Glass which is available on all the leading mobile OS platforms. Install now and keep the glass happy!


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