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All you mobile gaming buffs must be excited about the Hungry Dragon game apk which was just released in August 2018. Ubisoft, the French Video Game Company is behind this wonderful game. The game is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. You can download it from any of the dominant App stores. Let us check out Hungry Dragon.

Hungry Dragon Android/IOS Screenshot

The Game with a Twist

Till now you must have encountered video games where the player is running away from monsters and dragons, right? However, there is a role reversal in this case. You are the powerful dragon who is out to destroy towns and cities. You can collect more ferocious dragons on the way and become all the more powerful. Attack and feed on townsmen and livestock and grow stronger.

The best part is you can collect points and purchase gems and coins and more dragon skins. It is really fun, to play this game. On your mission to destroy each town and folks that come your way, you can earn by completing each quest that comes your way. Also, you can try our hungry dragon mod and get unlimited coins and gems on your game account.

Dressing up your Dragon

You can buy different skins and costumes for your dragon on the Hungry Dragon Android/IOS Game and gain different powers from doing so. Once, you start proceeding through the game, cross different levels and unlock new costumes. Isn’t this great?

You also get pets in the same manner. Don’t we all love pets, huh? Yes, we really do. Your pets also have immense power and they do, help you in your quest for unlocking more doors to upper levels. You can get up to four pets, here. Here, pets have been classified on the basis of life, defense powers, food, scores, and such other factors.

Dragons in all sizes

You can unlock dragons bigger than your original one on Hungry Dragon Android/IOS Game, by reaching the ultimate level with the base dragon. Dragons come in various sizes, ranging from XS to XL.

There are great settings to play with on Hungry Dragon, like the Fire Rush. You will find a small setting button, onscreen that revs up with the points that you earn. Once, activated it can help you burn your enemies to ashes. Then, there is the Mega Fire Rush. One Mega Fire Rush is equivalent to eight fire rushes. The more you earn, the more you burn.

There is more to this game than just costumes and fire. You can earn up to five chests along the way.

Hungry Dragon Android/IOS Screenshot 2

The Eggs

Then there are eggs. There are three different kinds of eggs. Standard eggs, Premium eggs, and Golden Eggs. You will also get fragments from the eggs and also pets, with various powers.

Now you must be wondering, ‘What will I do with larger Dragons’? It is because you can only eat dragons smaller than yourself.  You can enjoy the game with your friends by clicking pictures of your dragon and sharing it online.

Whoah! That was too much entertainment. Play more such games and brag about it to your friends and peers. Let them enjoy the game to the fullest on social media. It’s not late yet.


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