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Download Old School RuneScape APK for Android/IOS

The game was launched in 2013 for PC as a backup to the extremely popular RuneScape which was released in 2007. It was so designed that the previous traditionalists of this game would come back to play this classic version of this MMORPG.

Fans of the previous version of this game had been asking a way to play it for years now. Hence, Jagex developed Old School RuneScape for Android and IOS for them to play this game exhibiting characteristics of the old game.

A smaller team of dedicated staff has been running expansions and developments to enhance the gameplay of this new version. There have been many engine upgrades, an addition of new content and changes in life quality transforming this game for the better.

However, to enjoy this game to the fullest one must learn a few simple things about this game. This following guide will help players in doing so.

Game Account Creation

Creating an account in Old School RuneScape is quite simple. Players must first go to the official website of this game and click on ‘New User’. This will enable them to land on the sign-up page where a valid e-mail address, display name and birth date is necessary to put in. Once the account has been created, two more vital steps are required to be completed before one starts to play.

Login and download

At first, individuals must check if their system has java’s latest version running or not. If yes, then, players will have to download Old School RuneScape on mobile from the links below. Always ensure that you are in an open world before log-in to this game.

To check this, players need to click a button located on the bottom-left corner to access the free world screen. Ones with the Silver Star are open to all, while gold star worlds are only for paying members.

Once players choose their world, they then need to press on the button of ‘Existing User’ and enter their password and e-mail id. That is it, now players are ready to play and have joined the club.

Old School RuneScape Game Tutorial

After the customisation of avatars of players their next destination is Tutorial Island. Here gamers will learn the ropes to Old School RuneScape; they will acquire tricks and tips and grasp the controls. A host of tutors will guide players through the basic gameplay, inclusive of the combat operations and numerous skills. Moreover, this tutorial even helps players in understanding the various interface mechanisms with the amassing of multiple survival and combat equipment. Try our new Old School Runescape Mod Apk.

Improvement of skills

Old School RuneScape Mobile has a host of skills players can learn and use from cutting woods to magic. Pointing the cursor on top of a skill will tell players the necessary experience needed to get to the next stage.

Gamers for their first dungeon quest can go to the Barbarian Village. This dungeon has a division of four floors containing numerous monsters and goblins of various levels. Battling and killing these monsters will help players in gaining experience to rank up with improving combat and magic skills.

That sums it up! Even though if players tend to find specific quests difficult or have specific queries, they can always seek out various tutors across Old School RuneScape for necessary help.

How to download and install Old School RuneScape on Android

  • Click on the button below to start downloading Old School RuneScape.apk
  • Click on the OK and the download process will begin immediately.
  • After the download is completed, the installation page shall open up.
  • Press Install and follow the instructions.

Game Screenshots:

Download URLs (Android & IOS):

Old School RuneScape APK for Android

Old School RuneScape IOS


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