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Rebel Cops Apk for Android and iOS is a side project game from This Is the Police, which solely centers on the arrangement’s turned-based strategic tasks. Lead a ragtag crew of cops in defiance to their town’s new criminal capacity to perceive to what extent one can hold out when one continually short on provisions and a solitary shot can cost a cop their life. Learn below about the amazing concept and gameplay of Rebel Cops.

Rebel Cops APK File Information:

App nameRebel Cops Apk
PlatformAndroid, IOS
SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device

Rebel Cops apk

About the creation

The creators of the This is the Police arrangement keep up their look with clean execution, decent vivified illustrations, sounds, and controls that aren’t difficult to get.


A ton of in-game turn mechanics and decisions with task situated rewards in each character’s choice.

Grown-up Themes

This isn’t for the children with language and grown-up topics that I alert parental direction. It is executed well, however, its homicide, grown-up topics, so I can just alert. Agitator Cops is a side project game from This Is the Police, which solely centers on the arrangement’s turned-based strategic tasks. Lead a ragtag crew of cops in defiance to their town’s new criminal capacity to perceive to what extent one can hold out when one is continually short on provisions and a solitary shot can cost a cop their life.


If ones like Phantom Doctrine and Invisible Inc. They see an inclination to stealth and undertaking focused culminations than battle trades.


The isometric vantage focuses on the basic preparation and arrangement and development of all work.


A decent change in observing the criminal world spoke to in the turn-based classification. It has some little dynamic storylines, straightforward voice acting and a dissident style that isn’t just about making a need to keep moving.

Some lose points about Rebel Cops Apk

It is a game that avoids one as much as possible so it never feels some portion of the activity. It is hard to see and decide on the development that leadsRebel Cops download ios

to botches. There is no activity or change of points of view that bring it into the game that hurt the general introduction.


They toss a lot of strategic decisions that some simply don’t work that it becomes which is the high level of accomplishment that genuine use. For instance, I discovered providing all the officials with cudgel a lot simpler than really advising them to stick them up. Different strategies look bad in the vital turn.


The storylines are increasingly after musings and in-game errands and a botched chance for interfacing the story or driving it into equal Catch 22 results. All the officials are insipid and have no storylines or contrasts.


Despite its levels, beginner players in the Rebel Cops apk will battle with the ongoing interaction even in the most reduced of settings because of the way that errands course without reason.


Some bugs crash which should be a lot of cleaner for a discharge this way.

In general

Rebel Cops apk is a pleasant expansion to the turn-based family with a great deal to like at the cost. They don’t carry anything new to the class. There ought to have been more inside and out storylines to the characters that are really playing that give the characters in playing importance and reason.

The game perhaps too insipid and one-dimensional to keep the progressed gamer contributed long haul. This is a greater amount of game that gives one something to do, rather than wows. The creators offer the gamers a decent enjoyment of kind energized looking game and do a great deal right. I might want to see a designer due to turn base on alternate points of view like Third Person as the isometric vantage is a worn-out specialist.

Rebel Cops android

Grand Points about Rebel Cops Apk

Rebel Cops apk is a lightweight stealth strategic game with turn-based battle and some maverick light, RPG components. While it makes them intrigue highlights, it may not be some tea.

  • Interesting reason and some plot turn.
  • Cool battle choices incorporate opening windows, group alarms, dazzling suspects, conveying suspects (or bodies) so as not to stand out, silencers.
  • The movement scope of cops is unreasonably little for huge maps; joined with required stealth, missions require a ton of turns and persistence.
  • Music soundtrack. I quieted it following 20 minutes.
  • Simplistic battle: characters have cutout qualities and carry on a no different way, no endeavor at displaying ballistics or material science, and no chance to get of checking view.
  • Almost everything wears out, and can’t be fixed; constrained supplies at the store exacerbate this issue.
  • To add to the above issues, a ton of things are hard to find.
  • It can get monotonous sooner or later.
  • Level up screen after crucial is moderate and repetitive; gamers can’t sidestep it.
  • Types of plunder can be unseemly: no money, gems, ammunition, weapons, and so on rather one has cheddar, cologne, and other bizarre things that must be sold. For reasons, unknown gamers in Rebel Cops Apk can’t rescue dead adversaries’ weapons, ammunition, or things.
  • Hard to effortlessly tell how exhausted the cops are, representation changes are not a decent strategy

The plot of Rebel Cops

Rebel Cops apk endeavors to show itself after such greats as Jagged Alliance, yet numerous things have not been thoroughly considered all around ok. Given that a few maps are colossal, investigating it can take for eternity. Since the game favors stealth over the open battle, a few missions take a truly prolonged stretch of time. At the point when the group steps up, adding focuses to characters’ speed property enables a little yet the stealth component to even now implies one needs to invest energy viewing the adversaries’ meandering watches or for them to pass it before one can snare them.

This is essentially a stealth game, so continually captivating in open battle won’t work. One is constantly dwarfed and will probably come up short on ammunition. In the event that a watch sees a dead body, they will raise caution. Fortunately, one can convey the bodies and conceal them.


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