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One of the newest games of KRG Soft development that have stood out as the most played game in the early twenties is Scions of fate apk. You can download it for Android and IOS from our website.

Establishment of the game

Scions of fate, the game, was initially developed and launched in South Korea, in the year 2004 and was named Yulgang later when it was released in America the name was changed to Scions of fate. It was serviced by Mgame in Japan. This game is based on the martial arts of Korean comics. This game typically means a hot-blooded river lake.

The game predominantly had players from Japan, Beijing, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and America. In the year 2006, the game’s popularity rose up to 6 lakh active online players. It is supported by Windows and can be played on smartphones, laptops, and desktops.

Unique Characters of the Scions of Fate Mobile

Like any other game, this game also supports some unique characters that make it fun to play. Some of the characters are:

  1. Bladesman:

It is also referred to as “Tanker Class”. Has the highest defense while suffering from low accuracy and attack. It is the only class that has an early level in the area of effect.

  1. Bowman:

It is one of the three rangers, has high effects of attacks and accuracy, has the ability to buff the players for a short time span and does not have a combo attack

  1. Healer:

Possess high-skills attacks but low defensive power. Healers are meant to heal the injured players and buff all other players.

Game Screenshots:

Scions of Fate Apk

Scions of Fate IOS

The plot of the Gameplay

The game, Scions of Fate for Android and IOS has entranced players from ages 10 to 30. It is influenced by the comic that was available online and is based on the mystical world of martial arts with lights, airy humor, and comical arts. The characters of the game are animated that appear cute to most players, the beautification of the game has been done by the means of pastel tone and varieties of emoticons can be used too.

The characters may appear cute by are deadly yet has good combat skills. The game has a communal experience that makes it even more precious, shared by the players together as they start to battle the monsters. All of these largely contribute to the fun experience of the game.

The gameplay starts with a confrontation of the characters Order and Chaos, their conflict starts to take a turn towards romance, which makes the journey of the game a little emotional towards the end. The game supports various helpful premium items that can be purchased while in the action of martial arts.

This has the freedom of specializing the characters according to how the player would want to play it. This game is good with their animation of the characters that attract the young generation more.


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