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Survival Heroes MOBA Battle Royale Apk is a brand new battle game by Snail Games. Here players need to form alliances, steal treasures and strike down anyone who comes in their way. Gamers have to battle with 99 others to find out who is the last one standing.

Game Overview

All players start from the exact same place which is the valley of heroes. From then on gamers need to pick up weapons, battle fairly with others, explore a huge open world filled with terrifying monsters and exciting treasures.

However, it is necessary that players be extremely careful around bushes and be wary of the mist, as mysterious things hide among them.

Players in Survival Heroes MOBA Battle Royale, get to choose their starting point. They can choose from a distant area to a hotspot. Whatever be the choice, gamers have to choose wisely as they only have one life in a particular round.

Gamers who want to be exceptional survivalists will have to be alert and take the right opportunity at the right time. Being good at MOBA Battle Royale apk the game requires players to have correct weapons to defend themselves at the correct instance of time.

The game has almost 30 different types of weapons, which allows players to have access to numerous different abilities. Gamers may go overboard and kill everyone using the ferocious power of fire or can also use various sneak attacks, set traps, etc.

Although, there are certain tips and tricks that a player needs to know if they want to survive and be better than the rest in the game.

Use of magical items wisely

  • Players should use the speed option when chased by an enemy in case they are low on health and vice-versa.
  • Teleport using the flash scroll if surrounded by a hoard of players.
  • Strike enemies with the Molotov once hidden in bushes.
  • Use scout items in Survival Heroes to track down enemies on the ground.
  • Take healing potions to improve health.
  • Use the invisibility potion judiciously.
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Try different weapons while in a squad

If players in a team use the same kind of weapon as a bow, then the collective firepower of the entire team will go down. Hence, it is necessary that gamers check out what their teammates are using and then choose weapons accordingly.

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Assist teammates with blessings

In Survival Heroes MOBA Battle Royale players can improve the statistics of a squad member through various blessings. When a specific player dies, the game will ask he/her to choose what kind of blessing one wants to shower on their still alive team members. These blessings are of numerous types such as an increase in defense, improvement in attack, and increment of HP.

With the ever-increasing rage for games of battle royal, there is no stop to their rising popularity. Almost, every day more and more new games out gaining success in this genre.

The same was seen in MOBA while ago; in fact, the combination of these two genres saw the born of Survival Heroes. This game infused two of the most successful concepts in the genre of mobile games to create a masterpiece that has never been seen before.


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