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The Room: Old Sins Android Download is the 4th release in the series. The first three are The Room, The Room Two, and The Room Three of the Room Series. This fourth release, however, sits clearly above its contemporaries. Visually, it is better coupled with a tactile and lived-in environment. Get The Room: Old Sins APK from our website for free.


This game was first released in 2012 for use on iPad. It was a great surprise. With the aid of touch gestures, you make interactions with the puzzle box which is full of secrets. Room Two was the newly developed version and improved in all areas of the original. For Room Two, instead of having only one room, you have the opportunity of interacting with several puzzle objects which are box-like, found in different rooms.

Room Three came to be and costs $3.99. Instead of working with puzzle boxes, it took a different dimension, learning a bit too much on inspirations from other games. For example, Myst.

The fourth model is The Room: Old Sins which costs $4.99. Here, the game entails moving all over puzzle boxes, looking for what kind of sliders or levers to spin in the correct direction, picking up items, and utilizing them in an obvious manner sometimes. Other times, it is not an obvious way to move on and having a constant check at your lens to ensure that nothing is missing.


What makes The Room: Old Sins Unique?

The Room: Old Sins sees you investigating the vanishing of a particular engineer and his wife, due to attempting to find a lost artifact. Unlike the instant horror experienced in Room Three, whereby you have snatched off a train within minutes and then thrown into a dungeon, in The Room: Old Sins, we have creeping dread vibes.

The game starts with rain falling outside. Then you notice something- could this be a body? From one corner of your eye, you fix a light. Soon after you shine it at a doll’s house, you become deceived.

Similar to games released earlier, you are led along by some plot elements, but you have a choice either to get involved in it entirely or ignore them entirely and set your mind on the puzzles.

Soon, you’ll get to understand that The Room: Old Sins is majorly based on discovery and details.

This game, after spending much time thinking about your next move, offers you a hint which helps you move slightly in the right direction. If it happens that you still cannot decide the next line of action, you’ll be given a more specified hint. This goes on and on until you are given a straightforward answer telling you what direction is right. This is very lovely, as you don’t have to get angry because you don’t know what to do to move on.

Additional Features

The Room: Old Sins has nicely detailed graphics and the support of GPG that most importantly includes cloud saving. The game design is also very perfect. This game is also a premium release, which means that don’t need to worry about in-app purchases any advertisement.

Another lovely sight is the addition of the support of the Google Play Games Services. You’ll have an automatic sign-in system, cloud saving, and achievement. The game also allows for three different profiles, so that, with the aid of a single device. You and two of your friends can switch accounts easily.


To conclude, I will say that the game is one of the best games of puzzle present in the App store. Download now from the links below.


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