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After a long day at work, people relax and tend to release their stress from work and pressure by engaging themselves in something. Gaming is a solution to release work pressure.

Games like The Sims Social Apk have taken the gaming world by storm with their magnificent features and characters. You can download it for Android and IOS from our website.

The animated characters appear cute to most of the users from ages 13 to 30 and more. It is easy to handle does not need theories to understand the mechanisms of the gameplay can be only played with keyboards and mice.

This game was developed by Playfish and is associated with Facebook, which means players and his/her fellow mates can play it together. It was inaugurated in the year 2011.

Description of the game

The Sims Social for Android and iOS is a life simulation game. It brings all the fun, freedom, and creativity to the platform, Facebook.

This game helps to create Sims by means of customized unique characters and ambitions. A user’s Sim friends and enemies are one’s actual friends or foes. The game takes users to the in-depth of this game as the relationship with friends gets deeper with time.

In this game, one needs to build up a perfect home for their Sim and fulfill the heart’s desire to live out their dreams.

This game controls every aspect of a normal social life is it making friends, love or hate, playing means, or being nice to share the first kiss. One can have a taste of real life in this virtually in a completely new way with mates, free.

Special Attributes of The Sims Social Mobile

The special attributes of this game that attract the attention of the players and make it appear fun and exciting to play with are:

  • Creation of a perfect house:

Building up of homes can be fun and easy via the methods of installing a country shack, loft, or a pad of bachelor

  • Playing with life that seems so easy and fun:

Easily accessible gameplay and deep customization paired with the features of social life allow users to play free with all fellow mates.

  • Living the dreams:

Sims in this game seek either to be an adored celebrity, a famous tycoon with facilities of a swimming pool full of money, or a hero devoted to helping their mates. The player is needed to fulfill Sim’s dreams with one’s own whims and endless possibilities.

  • Building up of one’s social circle:

Like any other person, Sims needs a social life to be happy. Users need to be perfect friends with him and help him to achieve their dreams by letting the neighbors out and igniting rivalries.

Famous characters of the game

There are some well-known characters of The Sims Social that the players tend to prefer to play with are:

  • Macy

Macy is the main character that helps users to earn money and decorate the house.

  • Scarlett Shaw

This character is in association with Cream Club, very dedicated to self-promotion and fame. Scarlett’s brother is Shane, as the last name implies, they share the same name.

  • Shane Shaw

A little person in heaven who is very fond of dating. He occasionally appears in the game.

The game helps to build up a new home and radiates homely vibes to the players give them an idea of social virtually.

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The Sims Social Apk
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