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Download Westworld Mobile APK for Android/IOS

There is only one way to be a better employee as a gamer, play the Westworld Mobile game. The game has been designed to be complex as the series. However, the game promises to be more fun and exciting on your Android or iOS mobile device.


WB studios created the Westworld mobile game as a theme park game that fuses elements of traditional RPGs and RollerCoaster Tycoon (economic strategy sims). The players are to act as trainees at the famous Delos Corporation. The game aims to gather the ensemble of hosts; who happen to be complicated artificial intelligence. The hosts are responsible for taking care of the guests in the park and also maintain the park.


The screen of your mobile will be divided into two parts where the players have to move around. The Delos’ laboratories are underground and divided into many sectors — evocative of the Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic’s submarine with Steve Zizzou.

Every bay is an essential part of the series. There is Ford’s office, the interrogation unit, manufacturing sector and the reparation bay. The other areas and Westworld are above the ground. A player can move from one area to another while interacting with visitors. Westworld mobile game is centered on the series, including contributions from the writing staff of the show. You can try our Westworld Mod Apk and unlock all hosts.

The Fun and Excitement

You can generate new hosts to your collection and learn how to use the individual skills of the hosts to your advantage. Many of the hosts in the games are generated randomly, and they come with specific strengths that are pre-programmed. These strengths have been programmed to ensure that the guests are taken care of properly. The hosts generated come with one star or as basic and can end up with five stars in the game. As the hosts become more powerful, it becomes easier to explore the different parts of the park.

The Difference between Westworld Game and Pokemon

A lot of players may not be able to differentiate Westworld mobile game and Pokemon. The difference is clear if you can take a little time to analyze. Westworld is not designed to foster relationships, which is a common trait in Pokemon. Players in Westworld are like Gods who can do a lot of things without support or teaming. A player can bring down his hosts or change them to become something they want them to be. Take for instance; many hosts can be molded into one to become more powerful. These hosts can also be disposed at any time.

The game doesn’t encourage players to do a lot of interactions with the hosts. There is a mini-game that happens in the interrogation where philosophical questions are thrown to the hosts to ensure that they are still working according to the programme. A player is expected to select a series of questions and then select the best outcome accordingly.


The game has little to do and has no space for doing many things like many games. Though, there is always something to get your action with the activities. The game is designed to be a theme park simulator, and you have to reduce your expectations. There is also little difference from the series in the structures. The longer you play, the more you wish things were a bit more engaging and fun.

Westworld is believed to be a violent and gritty world, which the game creators decided to develop the cartoonish appearance in the game. When you are up close, you notice that the action moves are in 2D and the characters appear stylish, too.

Visually, the game can balance between the Westworld darker side and the simulation game fun side. Also, the hosts can die for no significant reason. A host can die when a guest doesn’t like it.


You have to make your visitors stay happy to avoid losing your hosts. You have a lot of quick decisions to make, and that is where the fun of the game is seen. With the many activities in the park, it is expected that you are on top of your game as an employee. Westworld mobile game is one of the best games that you can play even though it has its limitations.


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Westworld APK for Android

Westworld Mobile for IOS

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