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Online games are no longer viewed as a new thing in the world of global connectivity. They have become extremely common and it can be hard to find people who own mobiles and yet do not have any mobile games installed. There are so many new types of games that are coming up these days such as simulation games, role-playing games, etc.

But even amidst all these new varieties coming up, nothing can feel as satisfying as a good old word game. Word games too have made their appearance online and have totally changed the way word games were played.

Words & Ladders APK is one such word game that might surprise you with its quirky elements and fun gameplay.

Words & Ladders ios

About the gameplay

The game Words & Ladders is developed by Etermax and is exactly what it sounds like and what the name suggests- a word game. But to all those who put down word games as boring, this one might surprise as it is probably more exciting than a lot of games available online.

The game basically expects the player to solve various riddles which will all have a word as the answer to them. The main motive of the player is to figure out the words. This will help them progress in the game as they play against their opponents in the game.

The various features of the game

Words & Ladders has ladders and slides along the way as you go through the game. The ladders will help you improve your progress by letting you climb up to higher levels but going down a slide can make you go down to the levels you might have already surpassed. So be careful while you play and try not to go down any slides.

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Other details about the gameplay

There must be more than a thousand riddles that the player is expected to solve. It makes your brain active and works as you try to discover the words behind the questions. You can also invite your friends to play this game.

Compete against them and see who wins in this battle of words. Gallerino is the character in the game who will be leading you and helping you to learn how to play Words & Ladders. Once he has taught you how to play, he will go off. It will then be upon you to play it with other fellow players.

Final Thoughts

This game is for the ones who want to activate their mind and learn new words. Words & Ladders can definitely help to improve your vocabulary and also can help you test how much you know about words. Do you have a good vocabulary? Can you think quickly? Are you wise with the way of words? Can you reach for the ladders and avoid the slides? Go and play Words & Ladders to get answers to those questions. Trust me when I say you will not regret it.


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