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Simulation games are extremely popular nowadays as they make the player get a real-like experience. RFS Real Flight Simulator is one such simulation game that can get any game-lover addicted to it with its extraordinary features. It has an interesting storyline that brings with it many exciting features and one should surely try playing this game to experience them. This article will provide a brief overview of this game that will help gamers to understand it properly. Enjoy flying the world by playing RFS Real Flight  Simulator Apk for Android and iOS devices.

RFS Real Flight Simulator APK File Information:

App nameRFS Real Flight Simulator Apk
PlatformAndroid, IOS

RFS Real Flight Simulator gameplay

Description of the game

A player will live the experience of a real airplane playing RFS Real Flight Simulator. He can travel to many countries across the globe by flying a plane like an ace pilot. There are scenes of airports, buildings, runways, and air-traffic in high-resolution that looks nothing short of real. The player will also go through the exact security check-in procedure and other ones that any pilot has to go through in a real airport.

This game has a multiplayer mode where the player gets to collaborate with other pilots. He can interact with them and fly a plane together to his desired destinations. Thousands of liveries from different communities are available in the game which the player can access. He will have to take total control of his airplane and do everything that is required for flying the vehicle safely. The player has to coordinate with the air traffic controllers and also has to customize all the instruments present in the plane.

Unique features

  • The player can fly just as he wants and can choose for a takeoff, landing, or the complete flight
  • He can get an automatic plan for the flight he is flying
  • In the game RFS Real Flight Simulator, the player can make various changes in the flight as per his requirements

RFS Real Flight Simulator android

  • He can access thousands of liveries created by different communities
  • There is a 3D live cockpit in the plane along with other moving parts like the wings, doors, lights, etc.
  • This game supports airports with HD picture quality and high-resolution satellite images
  • The player can experience the view of runways, buildings, parking, arrival, departure, PBB, and VDGS

RFS Real Flight Simulator has some premium features for its PRO version.

  • Numerous options for designing plans for airplanes
  • Customization of passengers, cargoes, and fuel
  • Access to fly 40 real-time airplanes a day
  • Experience of real air traffic in 35 popular airports across the globe
  • Taking any real-time flight to its destined airport
  • Multi-player mode where the player can fly with other pilots and chat with them in real
  • Interaction with multiple voices on the ATC controller

RFS Real Flight Simulator apk download

Innovative Gameplay

The developer of the game RORTOS has ensured that they leave no stone unturned to make it an exciting one. It is designed with innovative gameplay that will transport the player to the world inside an aircraft. The graphics are mind-blowing and the player can witness some of the breathtaking views of the world through the game.

Therefore, if you have not downloaded RFS Real Flight Simulator apk then do it now and join the gang of the addicts. Also, you can try playing Farming Simulator 16 APK for free.


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