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‘Through the Darkest of Timesis a very engrossing and realistic strategy game of historical resistance. It was developed at Saftladen, a collective of indie game developers in Berlin. The team has named itself Paintbucket Games.

What exactly is this game?

Published by HandyGames and categorized as a strategy game by its developers, Through the Darkest of Times has a background based on the Third Reich Berlin during the horrifying Nazi regime. Through the Darkest of Times Apk for Android and iOS rises the brightest history. You can download it for free from our website.

Through the Darkest of Times APK File Information:

Through the Darkest of Times apk

App nameThrough the Darkest of Times Apk
PlatformAndroid, IOS
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VersionVaries with device

The developers feel that very little is known about Hitler’s time. So, the game was designed to spread the glory details of the heroic commoners who fought hard against Hitler to stop his atrocities.

Through the Darkest of Times is a journey divided into numerous turns and chapters. Each turn spans a week while each chapter covers four important turning points of Nazi rule – Seizure of power (1933), Peak (1936), War (1940-1941), and Collapse (1944-1945).


The player is designated as the leader of a small fictional resistance group and has to perform various roles. He has to plan and execute the actions of the group, gather information about different people, and recruit them as his team-mates. The group will comprise all sorts of people who cannot tolerate the Nazi suppression – Jews, Catholics, Communists, and Patriots.

Together, they have to drop leaflets, paint messages on walls, and sabotage Nazi properties, all the while remaining undercover. So, in a way, they have to try their best to save as many lives as possible from the Nazi hands and conceal their identity while doing so.

Through the Darkest of Times free android

If they do get caught by the Gestapo, each member’s life is in danger. So, the leader has an additional responsibility of keeping his group safe and motivating them during times of stress.

The group, of course, is fictional. But, it might have similarities with a few resistance groups of the past like the Herbert Baum or Schulze-Boysen-Harnack group. The other characters are procedurally created along the way and may have a plethora of personalities.

Game features

Supporting seven languages (English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese), Through the Darkest of Times apk has some great graphical illustrations and an even more gripping storyline.

The developers do have a version that they let people try at events and conferences to collect feedback. Also, only one of the four chapters is developed so far. The existing game lacks some content and gameplay.

Anyways, even if the game is released, which will happen very soon, it will not be free and will be rated 16+. The game helps us get into the mindset of a person suffering through these hardships put up by the Nazis. The Almost Gone is also an interesting game you should try.

Through the Darkest of Times download


The concept of this game itself proves that games are also being considered a medium to spread relevant information about various historical events. Moreover, the developers want to pave the path for others aspiring to do the same.

The only shortcoming is that the game won’t be having a free version for people who wish to get a feel of it. Also, the free version will make the game more popular amongst the masses and more people will buy it if they love the game. You can also download Cluedo APK for free from our website.

Critical things apart, the game will empower the people with the message that even if history cannot be changed on the pages of our books, it can be changed on other platforms. After all, we are because ‘they’ were.


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