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Mod Features: Unlock Premium
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12 Feb, 2024
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MOD Features:

  • Unlock Premium Account
  • Free to download
  • Lightroom Mod file is easy to install
  • Auto-update
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!


Give a brilliant touch to your stills with Lightroom mod for Android and iOS. Download the mod .apk file to unlock the Premium account for Free.

Lightroom MOD App Information:

App nameAdobe Lightroom Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlock Premium
PlatformAndroid, IOS
SizeVaries with device
Need Root/Jailbreak?No
Adobe Lightroom MOD APK IOS

About the App

The advent of technology has increased its interference in almost all aspects. Some interferences provide productive results. The need for editing is growing day by day the competition in this sector keeps on soaring.

There is a lot of software available for the same thing. One of the best among these is the software developed by Adobe.

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor helps users to get a hold of numerous functions that allow them to nurture the image as per their consideration. It helps them to provide all the essential functions related to the moving and storing of photos.

Here we have reviewed the same for further elaborative analysis. Let’s delve into the elaborative analysis of par-level software.

Adobe Lightroom MOD Screenshot 2

Operating systems

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor is one of the software from the kitty of Adobe that helps in image manipulation as well as image organizing.

Adobe Systems develops it for almost all operating systems including, android, windows, macOS, iOS, and TVOS. With the help of this software, one can easily organize, tag, edit, view, and import. And share massive numbers of digital images.

One of the best functions of this software is the availability of a separate saving option for the edited photo which keeps the actual one in a specific place. The non-destructive feature is the best among all as it helps the user to get hold of the original picture.

However, this particular software is not as functional as the core Photoshop. You cannot opt for complex functions such as doctoring, rendering, and numerous others. Recently, we have added the modded version of PicsArt which is ready to be downloaded.

Adobe Lightroom MOD Screenshot

Features of Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

The following features will provide an elaborative idea about this software and its functionalities. These functions help in getting understanding and need clarification. If you are susceptible to selecting this software, then the below points are going to be very useful for the selection.

Imports and selection

This software is capable of providing faster imports on the desktop. You can import all of your camera or SD card photos in the minimum time possible to your desktop.

It is equipped with Adobe Sensei technology that helps the user to find the image in comparatively less time. This can automatically sort your photos depending on the person present in the snap.

Mac OS has a specific function that helps explicitly to import all of the images present in Apple devices to the desktop. In addition to that, these photos are synced to the cloud making them apt for further usage.

Lightroom MOD

Portfolio integration, rendering, and storage options

One of the best features of all is the linkage between the Adobe portfolios to the web-oriented services through Lightroom MOD. The continuous search improvements make it quite apt as it is powered by Adobe sensei technology which is just like an AI-enabled service.

This software is capable of providing optimal rendering as it is now possible to get natural color in low light, as well as high ISO Shots, are possible. It also allows access to the local storage as you can keep all of them in a specific album that can efficiently work offline.

Unlock the premium features with Lightroom Mod Apk iOS. We also have the Premium Version Unlocked for ToonMe MOD.


It is equipped with HEIC support that helps to import HEIC images to Lightroom Photo & Video Editor software installed on Windows. The possibility of creating an exact look at numerous pictures is possible now as one can apply the edit to multiple photos at the same time with this software.

It is also equipped with an innovative approach, i.e. healing brush, which helps remove sensor dust and other ambiguities from your pictures. This non-destructive brush is an added advantage that can easily attract users.

Lightroom Presets


The most crucial function of any software is the presets defined. With this, you can quickly get a hold of all your profiles and presets that consist of all the customized and other presets. You can get it all across the web, mobile, and desktop quickly.

The creation of presets is also a cakewalk that helps the user in customizing as per their need. Apart from that, different web advancements allow for sharing the settings as well as downloads for the web. Get the Lightroom MOD APK/iOS from our website.


It is equipped with an advanced profile menu that helps the user to turn on or off the group profiles. You can easily import different shapes to Lightroom Photo & Video Editor. With this, one can easily apply other effects to their photos.

Creative profiles are the best way to start editing jobs. You can adjust the image as per the presets present. The editing sliders available in this software are an added advantage for the users.

Getting greater control is now easy as you can easily apply portrait, monochrome, landscapes, and other effects to your photos in just a knick of time. It enables the user to get profile-specific pictures as they seem on the camera display screen. This is among the best features any editing app provides.

Adobe Lightroom MOD

Geometrical settings and other credible features

You can capture the par-level perspective with different tools available that help in straightening up the skewed or horizontal pictures quickly. One can easily import photos from a NAS-enabled device by just connecting to Lightroom.

When it comes to performance, this software provides an apt functionality that helps the users to have faster movements between photos.

The performance is optimal when you try to save pictures. One of the additional features that are quite innovative is the copyright function. You can apply copyright information to any of the imported photos from the preference panel. This is a kind of feature that is only available in Lightroom MOD.

These features and the overall benefit of this software make it entirely credible for the users. Whether you are working professionally in the photography field or not Lightroom Mod Apk/iOS is going to be efficient software that keeps you away from hassles.

People often get irritated by the clumsy and complicated functioning of editing and organizing tools. If you are looking for best-in-class software, then this is going to be an apt one.


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